Dear Jackie, get off your totalitarian horse

As a fan of comedy, action, and action-comedy movies, Jackie Chan's movies are some of my favorites. Rush Hour (both the first and both the sequels), Shanghai Noon, Shanghai Knights have all brought me a great deal of enjoyment and laughter. An influential figure in the world of acting on both sides of the pacific, Jackie Chan has now spoken out in favor of the Chinese government's totalitarianism, saying to business leaders in China that he thought that the Chinese people "need to be controlled" and expressing concern about how freedom can lead to chaos. He used Hong Kong and Taiwan as examples. To say that I am disappointed and disgusted at Jackie Chan's statement would be an understatement of epic proportions. Even his own movie, "Shinjuku Incident" has been banned from mainland China for being "too violent." The people of China deserve to live in a free society, governed by a body of their choosing by free and fair elections. And for an international Chinese icon to say that the Chinese people are incapable of self governance is despicable. To imply that they and the Chinese press need to have a dogleash around their neck so they can be controlled is demeaning, debasing and derogatory. The totalitarian control that the Chinese government practices over its citizens and press will, undoubtedly, end one day. One day, the Chinese people will be free, self-governed, and build the institutions of a lasting democracy. When that day comes, I hope they will remember who stood with them and who, for the sake of convenience, stature and business, stood aside.

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