NEW No on 8 Ad: Feinstein Speaks.  And GOTV on E-Day!

Leaders of California, no matter how divergent their views on political matters, are coming together on the crucial civil rights issue of our time: marriage equality. Say what you will about Diane Feinstein, but she is coming through on this one for us.

SENATOR FEINSTEN: In my lifetime, I've seen discrimination. And I see it again in Proposition 8. 8 would be a terrible mistake for California. It changes our Constitution, eliminates fundamental rights, and treats people differently under the law.
Proposition 8 is not about schools or kids. It's about discrimination. And we must always say No to that. No matter how you feel about marriage, vote against discrimination. And vote NO on 8.
Right now, the pro-equality movement is on the verge of making history. We stand on the brink of an historic moment - we are poised to stop those who would deny equal dignity and protection of the laws to all people in California, literally, at the water's edge (if you consider where are votes are, along the coastline).
Diane Feinstein is on board. Barbara Boxer is on board. Maria Schriver is on board. Heck, even Arnold Schwarzenegger is on board. Are you? If you have a single hour to spare on election day, we need you. This thing is going to be won or lost by 2-3 points on election day. And what we are finding out is that 10% of our supporters are voting Yes by mistake, believing that a 'Yes' vote means 'Yes' to marriage equality. 10% of our vote, depending on the turnout, is going to be about 5-7% of the total electorate. We cannot have 5-7% of our supporters voting the wrong way if we are to win by a razor-thin 2-3 point margin. And so to educate our base and make sure that those 10% vote the right way, we are going to be outside of selected polling locations, talking to voters going in. We need thousands of volunteers for that. There is an all-day shift, as well as morning, lunch time, and evening shifts, and I need you to sign up right now to GET OUT THE VOTE:

If you can't join us on election day, or if you can give time other than on election day as well, use the same form to sign up for a visibility event. Again, we are out in high impact location to make sure that our voters vote NO. This is the most important thing you can be doing right now for the campaign. Also, if you can't do any of that, come to a local office and phone-bank. Depending on where you are, the contact info for the three central offices are here:

Call and find out a phone bank close to your area. Again, this is crunch time and the phone banks are focused on GOTV as well. Also those offices will tell you where you can get a lawn sign and a bumper sticker. Put your support for equality on display!

In addition, we cannot let up on the cash. Focus on Family is raising $2 million for the other side. We have to match them dollar for dollar. This is something you can do no matter where you are:


Tell everyone you know in California to vote NO.

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