I was wrong about Sarah Palin

It turns out the Republican Vice Presidential nominee can speak in complete sentences. After her mumble and fumble in front of Katie Couric's softballs, she was going to be the talk of town by simply managing not to trip off her heels at tonight's debate. But seriously, here's what I think is up with her. I think Sarah Palin is incredibly comfortable in front of cameras when she is looking into the camera and talking to a lot of people - but essentially to herself. She freaks out when she has to have a conversation one on one with anyone that might not be a complete and abject fan of hers - whether it's Katie Couric or Charlie Gibson. If I'm right about this, she is thoroughly unqualified to be a heartbeat away from the presidency - presidents have to have one on one talks with adversaries - whether they're political adversaries at home or people who have nuclear weapons pointed at Washington, DC from a foreign country. We cannot risk having a 72 year-old 4-time skin-cancer surviving president with a VP that freaks out in one-on-one talks. The good news is, it is looking more and more like she is not going to have the chance to prove me right or wrong. Tonight's debate demonstrated that while she is good on the stump and great at sticking to her talking points, she thoroughly lacks the ability give thoughtful, on-her-feet answers and to articulate details. She's got a lot of huff and puff, but not much beef. But I'm just a partisan Democrat. The really good news is that undecided voters agree that she lost the debate to Sen. Joe Biden, her Democratic counterpart. A CBS poll of undecided voters has Biden winning the debate by a 46-21 margin. Actually, that's a 46-33-21 margin (Biden-draw-Palin). A similar poll from CNN has Biden trouncing Palin by a 51-36 margin. Yes, Palin beat expectations - since everyone expected her to fall flat on her face and she didn't quite do that.

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