I am posting this because I need your help. Yes, I do. Personally. My right to marry is under attack in California, and out of state hate groups are pouring in cash to make sure Proposition 8, the hate amendment to the CA State Constitution, passes.

I got an email this morning from the No on 8 campaign, stating that all donations to the No on Prop 8 campaign will be matched by Steve Bing and Equality for All dollar for dollar until Sunday (or up to $1 million). Take advantage of it and double your impact NOW:


The campaign needs to raise $1 Million on its own in order to take full advantage of the full $1 Million match. Why is this so important? Because it is going to put this ad on air all over the state:

Let me give you some figures. In California, to run ONE ad ONE time during prime time slots costs $500. It turns out that thanks to out of state cash pouring in (Utah, I'll give you three guesses to how exactly this is related to Utah), the Yes on 8 campaign has over $25 million, and we have only about $16 million. That is a $9 MILLION gap for us.

What does $9 million dollars mean? It means 18,000 more ads that they can run. EIGHTEEN THOUSAND more ads than us. Whose message do you think is more likely to reach an undecided voter if they can take the full advantage?

So what can you do? GIVE NOW.


Let me tell you what I have done. I have given over $560 already. I was going to scrape and save and give $500, but then the rebate check came in for my contacts. That was another $60, and I gave that money to No on Prop 8. This is how important this is to me, and I gave another $100 today.

If we can raise $1 Million and get it matched with another $1 Million, that is $2 million dollars. It's still not even close to what the yes side has, but with this $2 Million, we can be competitive, and make up the rest of the gap in other fundraising and by outworking the other side. We are more dedicated than they are. We are more passionate than they are. Our arguments are better than theirs.

How do I know. Polls have shown that people who have heard the messages of both sides tend to pick our side more often than theirs. Their only hope is to saturate the airwaves with their message that if we are cash strapped, we won't be able to fight back and take our message to voters.
So again, I NEED YOUR HELP. This is personal. Please give whatever you can and double your impact:


Thank you, and remember that in order to have your donation matched, you must give by Sunday the 19th.

After you give, if you can give some time, please sign up to volunteer.

UPDATE: If you want to know what we are really fighting for, read this diary from wclathe: "Don't take it so personally." People who would vote to take away the happiness and the rights of this family and their little girl want to scream about family values?

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