The Incredible Whiners on the Left

If you know me, or read my blog to any length, you know that I'm a proud liberal. I wear that as a badge of honor. But sometimes, the whining of some on the left just gets to me. Let me show you what I am talking about. I blogged about the statement from Speaker Pelosi about her principled stand against a blank check to the Bush administration to deal with the recent financial meltdown. Now, I'm also a frequenter on Daily Kos. In a recommended diary, the Daily Kos community delved into the discussion. For the most part, the discussion was positive, but there are just some people who find pleasure in constantly whining about even good moves from Democrats. I understand the mistrust of the Congressional Democratic leadership among rank-and-file liberals. We have been let down too many times. But some seem to think that's their license to constantly put down Pelosi and the Democrats, even when they are doing the right thing, and make pronouncements and predictions about how inevitable Democratic capitulation looms. Here are some of the comments:
"I say dump [Pelosi]." "Pelosi follows the wind. I say send her back to California." "If she demonstrates some willingness to stand on principle even when that means leaning against the wind, she'll start to earn back some respect. Slowly." "Absolutely! Saying "Bipartisan" is the giveaway that this is going to be an ugly capitulation to the Repub crooks who engineered this mess, IMHO." "ometime later this week, deaniac83 will learn the hard lesson every left/liberal/progressive leanrs: nancy Pelosi is not your friend. she will stab you and everything you stand for in the back and sell you down the river."
Oy! The constant whining! No wonder the Democratic leadership doesn't want to cooperate with the left. What do they get in return when they do something good? Constant whining, predictions of capitulation, demoralization and call for their heads. There is a whole perfectionist bunch on my side of the isle, and I don't like that attitude one bit. These whiners care more about complaining and bitching and moaning than what's actually going on. They cannot understand that an imperfect person can do good things. This is incredibly frustrating. If the progressive movement does not learn to be pragmatic, the entire movement is at risk. If we are more interested in calling for the heads of our leaders than rewarding good behavior along with accontability for poor judgment, we will once again be relegated to the fringe. If we demand perfection to the point that we let it be the enemy of the good, we will get the bad and the ugly. We need to do less whining and more winning.

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