So, my Senator, a Democrat, Diane Feinstein is back to her old form of Washington-bubble politician. She has announced that she will support Michael "I-dunno-if-waterboarding-is-illegal" Mukasey for Attorney General. Apparently, it was time to cave in to the Bush administration, again. Never mind that it undermines not just America's image in the world, but the American Constitution itself. Because, you know, Senators are not elected to uphold the Constitution, or anything like that. This makes me mad. She is my senator, and by golly, she should not be doing this crap. If she can't oppose Mukasey, I'd prefer she give up her seat and let someone else who is willing to protect the Constitution serve. Below is my letter to Sen. Feinstein about this:
Dear Sen. Feinstein: As a Californian, as a Democrat, but above all, as an American who believes in cherished American principles of justice, human rights and civil liberties, I was horrified by the news of your announcement of support for Attorney-General nominee Michael Mukasey. In your press release on October 26, you heap lavish praise on a man who cannot give a legal opinion on whether waterboarding is torture and thereby forbidden by US law. According to you, his personal repugnance of the treatment is enough in this matter. But Senator, Mukasey not been nominated to be the moral repugnance meter of America, he has been nominated to be the chief law enforcement officer of the United States. On that note, I urge you to pay close attention to this administration's repeated maligning of human rights, disregard for American and International laws regarding detainee treatment, and its utter contempt for the role of Congress. You cannot give them one more excuse to conduct torture under the cover of the legal opinion by an Attorney General Mikasey, confirmed with the blessings of Diane Feinstein. Senator, the people of California did not elect you to the Senate to capitulate to a dictatorial regime in Washington every time the President and his minions try to scare Congress. Your first and most sacred duty is to the Constitution. Waterboarding is not just torture, it is cruel, unusual and degrading punishment. Anyone who refuses to admit to that very basic fact does not deserve to be the Attorney General of this great nation. And as the guardians of our Constitutional principles, it is absolutely incumbent upon every Senator to ensure that such a person does not become the Attorney General. As your constituent, I am demanding that you retract your support for Michael Mukasey, and do everything in your power to defeat his nomination, including, if necessary, joining or leading a filibuster on the Senate floor to prevent a vote on it. Thank you.
Back off, Feinstein!

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