Fred Thompson vs. Howard Dean: Right Wing Hypocrisy

In late 2003, the Republicans and the media were abuzz with condemnation when Howard Dean, the then-Democratic-frontrunner for President pronounced that Osama Bin Laden, if captured, should be given a fair trial. Oh the outrage we saw! Dean is soft on terrorism! Noooo! Somebody stop that maniac who believes in our system of justice and due process. CNN, the Most Trusted Name in News (TM) was [gasp] headlining: Dean: Bin Laden guilt best determined by jury. Never mind that Dean was actually talking about picking a sentence before a trial takes place. The White House and the conservative right couldn't stop taking potshots at Gov. Dean. The same people who claim the mantle of Rule of Law were absolutely shocked someone would apply it to America's most wanted. But today, it seems, the shoe is on the other foot. The conservative darling Fred Thompson - oh by the way, why do the darlings of these Hollywood haters always come out of Hollywood? - said, if you can believe it - cover your ears, children! - that Bin Laden deserves due process!!! Oh. My. Goodness. I am sure the right wing pundits will be outraged again! Outraged, I tell you! Right? Riiiiiight? [Crickets Chirping.] Hello? Hello??? [More crickets.]

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