UPDATE: Apparently, I got it entirely wrong on John Kerry. My apologies and mea culpa posted here. This diary was posted on Daily Kos. I was shocked. Appalled. This is nazi-style police-state behavior of the Florida campus police, and the person who stood by and watched silently like nothing had happened was, yes, John Kerry. Yes, our 2004 nominee - John Kerry. A student just got done asking him a question, and somebody gave the order to arrest him. Why? Beats me. But what happened? Take a look Here is a more complete video - showing that that guy was, actually, being kind of an ass. So, the college student asked Kerry a question, granted, not in the best of tones. And the cops just wanted to get him out? Worse, they tasered him when he was begging to not be tasered? And John Kerry - a United States Senator and once a nominee for President of the Untied States, stood idly by as this travesty of justice took place. Yes, John Kerry was the Democratic nominee for president. And today, he has hung the heads of all true Democrats in shame. As police abuse and physical brutality took place, John Kerry stood by and did nothing, not even speak up to release this student. I am ashamed for my party, I am ashamed for my country. John Kerry ought to be ashamed of himself, and that police department needs to have sued the crap out of them. I am calling on John Kerry to issue a public apology to that student for his inaction, and to provide the funding for the student to sue the police, from Kerry's own campaign coffers. Join me. Here's Kerry's contact information: John Kerry for Senate Campaign Contact page. And if you are a MA resident, contact one of his offices: Washington D.C. 304 Russell Bldg. Third Floor Washington D.C. 20510 (202) 224-2742 - Phone (202) 224-8525 - Fax Boston One Bowdoin Square Tenth Floor Boston, MA 02114 (617) 565-8519 - Phone (617) 248-3870 - Fax Springfield Springfield Federal Building 1550 Main Street Suite 304 Springfield, MA 01101 (413) 785-4610 - Phone (413) 736-1049 - Fax Fall River 222 Milliken Place Suite 312 Fall River, Ma 02721 (508) 677-0522 - Phone (508) 677-0275 - Fax

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