Wingnutosphere Response: Deers CaugWingnutosphere Response: Deers Caught in a Headlightht in a Headlight

With all the news today about The Iraq funding bill with "strings attached" passing by a hair, I thought I would check in with our friends (well, for the sake of argument, let's assume) on the right. That is, what's been happening in our favorite wingnutosphere.

Like their dear leader, the right wing "blogs" are running afoul of logical sense. So let's see.

Ahh, where would we all be without our dandy nutcrackers at Redstate. First, they've got this thing going on about "traitors":

After the vote in the House today on H R 1591, the so-called "U.S. Troop Readiness, Veterans' Health, and Iraq Accountability Act, 2007," we get to meet our 2 newest traitors from the GOP.

Meet Wayne Gilchrest, MD. and Walter Jones, NC.

Oh. Voting for accountability is being a traitor, but outing a covert CIA agent makes you a hero. It's odd, and my memory might be failing me, but I seem to remember somebody saying that those who did that were the most insidious of traitors. Funny thing is, I even seem to recall it was a Republican named George Bush.

But I digress. Redstate also tells us where the real war [on terror] is:

I would opine, m'lady, that the REAL war on terror is being fought in the House of Representatives, and you have two new recruits on board to help you lose it.

Ahh. See? That pesky little thing in Iraq? Nah. The real war is in the US House of Representatives. Maybe Redstate should call on Bush to invade Congress.

Tom is taking a dictator poll. It seems they have forgotten several people:

  • The Saudi Royals
  • Pervez Musharaf, the military dictator of Pakistan

to name a few. But in any case, the dictator poll is apparently Tom Delay's response to his nemesis Nancy Pelosi passing this bill.

Minority Leader Boehner talks to Powerline:

Republican Leadership therefore decided that the Democrats - all Democrats, exclusively - should be held accountable for this inexcusable war supplemental. It sends the wrong message to our troops in harms way, sets timelines for withdrawal that increase the likelihood of their harm, and forces them to carry Democrat pork barrel spending to boot. No excuses for the voters back home - you are either for this bill or against it.

The Democrats had one choice on the floor - side with the troops or with General Pelosi. They chose the latter.

Wow, deep, huh? Inexcusable, wrong message... if I were a Republican strategist, I would have told them they needed to update their talking points. It's funny that Boehner still doesn't understand why he is now the Minority Leader.

And that's Speaker Pelosi to you, Mr. Boehner.

Michelle Malkin is threatening Blue Dogs who voted for this bill. Just begging for Ann Coulter's mantle, are we, Michelle?

Did you know that Congress exercising its Constitutional role of the appropriator of funds"removes the President as Commander in Chief"? The aptly named Minority Report thinks so.

Much of the rest of the wingnutosphere is suspiciously silent, choosing instead to talk about such important topics as Romney's hair (American Spectator).

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