Steve Jobs is Crazy!

Ok, that was a joke. I don't actually mean Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple Computers, is Crazy. But then again, maybe he is. Good crazy. The 2006 Macworld Expo started Tuesday morning in San Fransico. Just go to and check out Steve Jobs' keynote address to Macworld. Last year, Jobs promised to introduce Macs with Intel processors by June of 2006. Well, the new iMacs with Intel are already out, and Intel notebooks will start shipping in February. And they have a brand new version of iLife, which includes a greatly improved garage band - turning it into a full podcast maker and publisher, and complete with a website creator, iWeb. This is what's so great about Apple. They are always introducing new innovations, new products, new software. But this is also the problem with Apple. People who recently bought a powerbook is going to feel terrible, and maybe even mad at Apple for antiquating his brand new laptop computer. The thing is, you can never keep up. But even given Apple's latest and greatest coming out all the time, this might be the time to hurry up and wait rather than to hurry up and buy. Why? These Intel macs have awesome performance, and run most PowerPC software as well. But until all the applications get up to speed, there is not that much of a point. Secondly, unless you really need a high performance computer right now, I can bet if you wait a year (or two), you will get much more stable computers with much more incredible power and performance. And in the mean time, you can wait and see while the transition happen. Applications are going to be written universally right now, which means that for quite a while, even new applications will continue to run great on your current macs. So if you just can't hold on or you work in an environment where higher and higher performance is the key, run out and get a new iMac today. If not, wait.

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