Hostile Opera Forum Moderation

On the Opera forum, members regularly ridicule others personally when they make a unflattering comment about Opera (you'll see below what I mean), but when I mocked somebody a little for being an Opera fanboy (transformed, he claimed, he was from a Firefox fanboy - his words, not mine), my entire post, most of which was substantive, got deleted. So that there is always a record of it, I will keep a record here from now on. Anyway, here is my reply in that thread. ------QUOTE OF RESPONSE START-------

Originally posted by yfan:

[Personal attacks removed by moderator.]
Let's see. Pulling ranks isn't personal attack. Saying "go away, you bother me" is not personal attack. Questions like "are you retarded?" aren't personal attacks. But when I put in something personal, that's personal attack. Nonetheless, I realize that moderator decisions are final, and I'll move on, but you could have at least left the substantive portion of my comments. Let me reiterate that part. The OP's comments about Opera are valid. When sites don't work with Opera, even though for the most part it's not Opera's fault, site's just don't. To the user, it doesn't matter much whose fault it is. If you have got a site you check every day, and it won't work in Opera, Opera is probably not going to be their browser of choice. And secondly, Opera's interface and the application as a whole does have a steep learning curve, as I know from experience. Contrary to Sigup's assumption above, I currently have Opera 8.5 running on both my Windows XP and Mac OS X Tiger machines. ------QUOTE OF RESPONSE END------- Ya see what I mean. Oh yeah, my handle on Opera forums is "yfan."

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