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This is truly amazing. Flock is a technology preview web browser based on the most advanced full release web browser out there: Mozilla Firefox. Flock is a product that focuses on community collaboration, blogging, and search.

The way it makes Bookmarks work is simply genius. is a bookmark sharing technology that lets users add little tags to their favorites. Similar to GMail's labeling technology, this eliminates the need for having folders, and you can simply search your bookmarks by your tags. The fun thing about tabs is that you can apply multiple tags to the same favorite. This is kind of like making a playlist on your iTunes. You can take the same song, and put it into many different playlists without having to make a different physical copy of the song for every playlist. This is also fun because you can access it from anywhere in the web, although it does take some time to build up.

Blogging simple as heck. I am posting this blog, right now, using Flock's blogging component. I don't have to go to, log in, choose the blog I want, post. That's all done with one click and one setup of the account. Piece of cake.

Firefox already makes searching the web easy as heck. But the genius of Flock is it makes browser history searchable. It's as easy as starting to type something in the search field. History pages are indexed and stored so finding something in your history is blindingly fast, effortless, and easy. To make your life easy, frequently visited and recently added pages (to favorites) can always be accessed from the favorites menu.

All these things having been said, this IS a technology preview. And it has a long way to go to catch up to its parent, Firefox. If you are not the type who likes to tinker with in-testing, sometimes unstable, alpha level software, don't even think about trying Flock. I find the learning curb a bit steep, not eveything is as instinctive as Firefox. They have work to do, and they will. For now, if you are totally into Firefox and really want to check out this new generation of the Internet, check out Flock. But if you like a hassle free, uninterrupted web experience on a solid platform, stick with your Firefox.

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