GOP Party's War On Love

In this past week, first Canada's parliament, then the Spanish parliament approved national legislations granting same sex couples the right to marry, and all the individual and social rights, and responsibilities that come with it. In short, the two countries fulfilled a promise of equal rights under the law for gay people. Good on them. As a gay American, it is heartening to see the winds of change bringing about a kinder, gentler, more just world. But some are not happy. The fringe fundamentalist right wing of this country - the people who control the GOP party apparatus - are hell bent on setting back progress. In state after state, they are proposing State Constitutional amendments to ban their fellow Americans from enjoying equal justice under the law. Lest you think I am talking about everyone who are influenced by these people, I am not. I am talking about people who use their position of influence to spread hatred rather than celebrating diversity. These despicable people are waging a war. A war on love. Love is sacred in America. Commitment is sacred in America. Yet the fundamentalist fringe right wing has decided to stand against those sacred values, instead favoring hatred, bigotry, and discrimination. The question naturally arises then, why are they waging a war on love? Why? Because they do not care about their fellow Americans. All they care about is gaining a position of influence and pushing their crooked moral code down the throats of a free and open society. In other words they want to turn our free society into a fascist, communist like controlled experiment. That's right. I called them fascists and communists. It is long past time somebody called them on their crap. So in essence, the very qualities that make us human - separate us from beast - compassion, understanding, and care - are lost from the fringe right wing people like Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and Jerry Falwell when it comes to their fellow Americans who happen to be gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender. Make no mistake, their war on love is not based on conscience, but rather on convenience. In order to stop people from uniting around the great common cause that America is, they need a scapegoat. Their predecessors made African Americans and women that scapegoat. They make us their scapegoat - us gay Americans. They tell their audience how Americans who fall in love (in their opinion, with the "wrong people") are sinful, and they pride themselves on beating up on Americans whose only crime is that they want to fall in love. Whose only fault is that they want to spend the rest of their lives in the arms of someone they love. By waging a war on love, by lying and misleading, they exploit their position of influence to gain power over the lives of ordinary Americans. Remember that the virtues by which God is expressed are love and grace. It is not God they want to serve, but rather it is themselves they want you to serve. And that's why they wage a war. A war on love. Gay Americans are part of the American family. We serve in the Armed Forces protecting the freedoms every American enjoys, we serve in public offices, we are janitors, doctors, lawyers, nurses, office clerks, web designers, electricians, plumbers, construction workers, programmers, police, firefighters, educators and students. We care for the sick, and we serve you dinner. We fight for your rights in a Court of Law, and we give you advice on banking. We pay our taxes, and we pay our bills. We fly the flag, and we fly airplanes. We work hard and we play by the rules. We take care of our loved ones, our families and our friends. We go out to movies. We have fun. We worry about our loved ones in the hospital. We laugh. We cry. We make faces. We hug. Some of us color our hair - blonde, brown, black, green! We watch TV. We root for our favorite team. We spill coffee on ourselves. We fight like old married couples. Then we make up. We fall in love. We even fall out of love, and then back in. Gay Americans are your fellow Americans. We are regular people, just like you. You are our family, and we are yours. We love you. Let us Americans come together in our big family and stop the GOP party machine's war on love.

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