Dean, Money, and Orrin Hatch

The Boston Globe is reporting that there will be a press conference and photo-op today with the Democratic Congressional leadership and Democratic party Chairman Howard Dean.  Originally it was scheduled as a private meeting between Dean, Reid and the senate Democratic leadership, but the press misquoting Howard Dean and misquoting other Democrats about Howard Dean has gotten to the point where Democrats are going to set the record straight.  Good for them.

And I am so tired of hearing that big money Democratic donors are put off by Howard Dean.  For those who care, that is exactly the point!  The days when a few big money donors controlled the DNC's bank account and thus the Democrats' fate around this country are over.  You hear me, Mr. DLC-Wannabe?  It's over.  Ordinary Americans are taking back control of their party, $25 at a time.  You are still welcome to donate big sums to the DNC if you want to create a better America.  But gone are the days when you got to tell the Democratic party what it stood for and what it could and couldn't fight for.  The party is returning to its roots under Dean's leadership.  There is also another dimention to this.  Under Dean's leadership and his state-reinvigoration program, the DLC Democratic Beltway elite can no longer control the party's money.  It is going where it's needed, and it does not need a permission slip from Joe Biden.  That's the big concern of the DINO's (Democrats in name only).  Dean isn't raising less money; he is just not beholden to these elites.  Howard Dean is making sure that the Beltway stops running the show, and that Democrats in states and localities have what they need to win elections.  So if you care about the party, we thank you for your donation.  But if you want any favors other than a stronger Democratic party and a better America for that check, we can help you find the door.

But there was this bit of fun stuff - other than all the stuff about Democrats defending Dean's performance as chair and blasting GOP for trying to make Dean the issue instead of the American people (no wonder, huh?) - Sen. Orrin Hatch of Utah, on the senate floor, made these comments: ''If I didn't know how bright he [Howard Dean] was, I'd call him a raving idiot."  I laugh.  You have no idea how how bright Howard Dean is, Mr. Hatch.  He isn't keeping up his attack on the corrupt Republican party so that he can keep earning the scorn of Republicans and some Democrats.  He is doing it because he figured out this: the American people like a man whose every remark isn't prepared.  They like a guy who doesn't run away from answering tough questions.  They like a guy who says what he thinks and treats people like adults.  They don't have to agree with him all the time, but they know he is a no-bullshit kind of a guy who isn't going to insult their intelligence by making politically crafted niceties.  But Mr. Hatch, there is another angle.  You see, Howard Dean is happy to have you and your bunch barking up his tree all day long.  He is happy because then he can show the American people that what he's been saying is in fact the truth: you Republicans don't care about working people.  You would rather whine about Howard Dean than talk about healthcare.  That's how smart he is.  He is so brilliant that he is peeling off layers of political clothing from your party and exposing it naked for what it is in the public square, and you don't even know it!

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