Beltway Boys After Dean. Again

Agh!  Two potential Democratic presidential contenders in 2008 has given the first indication they are running.  They are bashing, you guessed it, Howard Dean.  Meet the don't-call-Republicans-on-their-shit Democrats: John Edwards.  Joseph Biden.

The Washington Post is reporting that the two Democrats that it's 2004 again: the way to Democrats' heart is through badmouthing Howard Dean!  Biden said " I don't think he [Howard Dean] speaks for the majority of Democrats."  Edwards: "The chairman of the DNC is not the spokesman for the party."  Can I please remind the two beltway boys that the rest of America can't afford to run the same way Washington, DC is?  And if Howard Dean - the chairman of the party (there are around 72 million registered Democrats, according to USA Today)- does not speak for the majority of Democrats, what makes a senator from Delaware (population 800,000) think that he does?  And where does John Edwards - yeah yeah, son of a mill-worker, I know - get off yapping about who the spokesman for the party is?  In the absence of a Democratic president, if there is ONE spokesman for the party, it is the Chairman of the party.  Elected representatives of every day Democrats put Howard Dean in the seat of DNC chair.  He is the spokesman of the party, and he is the voice.  Who exactly does John Edwards think he represents, Mr. Former senator and Mr. I-will-beat-Bush-in-my-backyard who couldn't win his home state for the Democratic ticket?  Understandably, Howard Dean does not represent beltway Democrats, but that's not his job.  The beltway boys have never seen Howard as a good thing for them, and they can't wait to bash him.  You have a disagreement with how the party chairman is presenting himself, say so.  But don't presume the role of the party boss when the party grassroots have given that job to someone else!

Of course, Howard Dean doesn't speak for the party simply or only because he is the DNC chair.  That's the reason he is the spokesman of the party on paper.  This was the first time in a long time that grassroots of the party - every day Democrats - decided who would be the chair, not the party elite in DC.  So here's my message to the party elite: shut your trap, stop your knee-jerk reaction, and try to listen to what your chairman is saying.  Because Howard Dean is not just w-a-y more in touch with every day Americans, he is genuinely more interested in winning elections than circling the town in a limo and hogging the spotlight.  He is organizing the party county by county, state by state.  If one of you boys win the presidency in 2008, you will literally owe your victory to him.  Just open your eyes (that are now wide shut) and see the amazing work Dean is doing for Democrats, and say "thank you." If you think we need to be "nice" to the corrupt leadership that is destroying this country, I can tell you where to shove your niceties.

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