NAACP Stands Up and Is Counted

The California chapter of NAACP has stood up and been counted on the right side of history. Joining the civil rights movemen of our time - equality and fairness for gay and lesbian couples - the California NAACP has endorsed Mark Leno's (California State Assembly, District 13) Religious Freedom and California Civil Marriage Protection Act. This law gives every loving couple in California - regardless of their makeup - equal rights and responsibilities under the law, including the right to marry, while protecting religious institutions from being forced to perfom any ceremony that interferes with their faiths. This is a very important day in the history of this monumental struggle to win human dignity, fairness, and equal rights under the law for every single person in this great nation. NAACP's support in this great human cause is so significant because these are the people who have gone through one civil rights movement - that to win equality for all races, colors and creed. They are still fighting the battle against prejudice and injustice every single day. These are people who fundamentally understand what it is to be denied a right that every other person enjoys, and they understand the values of fairness and equal treatment. The NAACP knows better than anyone that a right is not a right at all unless it belongs to everyone. What the NAACP has done now is take a brave step. A brave step, but also a necessary one. The voices of fairness and justice and the vanguards of our democracy have spoken. The only question is, when will a great nation hear the cries of all her children for justice, equality, and fairness?

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