Why Denying Visa to Indian Official is a Good Idea

I want everyone to remember that here, I am speaking as an Indian native, who was born into the Hindu religion, and as someone who seldom agrees with the Bush II Badministration. But in this case, I agree 100%. Recently a lot of stir has been caused by the US denying Visa to Narendra Modi, the Chief Minister of Gujrat, a province in India. The Indian central government, which interestingly came to power by defeating Modi's party at the national level, has issued a statement expressing their outrage at the fact that a Constitutionally elected Indian official has been denied Visa to the United States. And therein lies the first tragedy. The mere fact that this creep would even be a Constitutionally elected official in the largest democracy in the world is shocking. Modi played a large role - as his party, the Vartiya Janta Party often does - behind the scenes in the slaughter of thousands of Muslims in Gujrat's riots last year and the year before. He and his party encouraged and strengthened the fascistic and fundamentalist Hindu elements in India to cause riots, kill Muslims, etc. Granted, there were people on the Muslim fundamentalist side as well, but Modi's job as prime minister is to keep peace, and stop the slaughter of innocent citizens, regardless of their race, creed, or religion. And he instead aided the slaughter of thousands of his fellow citizens. This henious crime against humanity should have landed him in jail a year ago; instead he still occupies the post of Chief minister in a province in India. This reflects quite poorly on India. The Indian central (federal) government needs to get off its high horse and prosecute those commit genocides against innocent civilians, not get their back. It's disgusting. Then there is some in the Indian business and other communities and elements of similar Hindu radical groups in the United States who are protesting the State Department's decision to deny Modi a Visa to the US. These people reflect badly on the Indian community and should be ashamed of themselves for taking a stand against what is just. All they can think of is filling their own pockets with money from business opportunities in Gujrat. They don't care about the plight of the ordinary people, or the slaughter and genocides being allowed by Modi even today. What they care about is their own fat bellies and pockets. That is inhumane, corrupt, and goes against everything both India and the United States stand for as democracies. Some even claim that Modi has a right to a US Visa. Bull. No one has the right to enter the United States other than US Citizens, Permanent Residents and those who have been legally issued a Visa. Modi has not, thank Goodness, and he has no right to enter the US. In my judgment, the only places he has a right to enter are: jail and hell. So, yes I am proud to say I fully support the actions of the US State Department in this regard, because here, they did the right thing.

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