The Opponents of Marriage

Don't be fooled by names like "Traditional Values Coalition," or "Family Research Council" or things of that nature. These are extremist groups akin to the KKK full of hatred and intallerance. Yes I called the Traditional Values Coalition and Family Research Council akin to KKK. You can take that to the bank. They are lucky I didn't call them Nazis. What is their mission? Despite their names, their mission is to destroy the American family, and to install hatred in place of morality. These are groups who are opponents of marriage. Same-sex marriage, to be exact. But that distinction is unimportant, if you look at the underlying values they support and oppose. The values they support are: discrimination, hate, exclusivity, and prejudice. The values they reject are red, white and blue American values: responsibility, community, inclusiveness, equality, love and commitment. To them, it is not about marriage as a concept. To them, marriage is only about one man and one woman. To them, marriage is not about love, about commitment, not about mutual responsibility and shared community, it is not even about children. It is only about the visible characteristic of opposite sex couples. For those who are married, are living with a life partner, or hope to some day, ask yourself, is your marriage only about the genders of yourself and your partner? Of course not. In fact it isn't even mainly about that. Your marriage is about sharing in each other's emotions and feelings, caring for each other, loving each other, a deep commitment to each other that you made of your own free will. These dangerous extremist right wing groups would like you to hate your neighbor; they'd savor in the destruction of the American community where all of us are responsible for each other; they want to destroy the fabric of the great American society where everyone is equal and where justice is blind. In order to further their political agenda, they'd divide people, pit one Ameircan against another, appeal to the worst of the animal nature instead of the best of the American ideal. They will do everything un-American in the name of protection. If you are disgusted, you should be. Those people do not believe in America, or in the American journey. Extremists seldom care about human aspirations and human communities. It is dishonorable and un-American to try to deny people equal rights under the law, to discrimate, or to try to tear down America's social fabric by driving a wedge between people. These groups seek to weaken America. The decision by the San Francisco superior court that equal rights and equal treatment under the law can no longer be denied to same-sex couples was a not just a victory for the equal rights movement, it was a very correct one in American philosophy. From its inception, the United States has expanded rights. Not that it has never discriminated, it has plenty of times, to be sure. But the United States always ended up on the side of justice. We freed the slaves, gave women the right to participate in our great democracy, ended segregation in our schools, all in the great American tradition of justice and equality. To deny loving and committed relationships the rights of and to marriage simply because of their composition (both of the same sex) is arbitrary, illogical, and unjust. To deny such a couple the social recognition that everyone else is entitled to is discrimatory. To deny them the rights and responsibilities is cruel. This is every bit as much about human rights as it is about civil rights. Surely, the opponents of the American community will use this ruling to try to divide and conquer. One of them said that the court hates marriage and Californians. No, Sir. It is people like you who want to discriminate against people based on their sexuality that hate America and its finest traditions.

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