Mr. Chairman!

Mr. Chairman!(Image credit: The Associated Press) Everybody is talking about it. The blogs are swarming with it. People are jubilient, and consultants are a little nervous. Gov. Howard Dean, M.D. has been elected the chair of the Democratic national committee by acclamation. It happened this morning, the last day of the DNC winter meeting. Wow. Mr. Chairman. Governor. Doctor. Howard. Dean. After Dean was formally elected by acclamation, he came on the stage to not just a standing but a spontaneous ovation, and warmed our hearts and ignited our spirits with a moving, rousing speech as if nothing had happened. He gave hope, and he empowered people. He will be traveling all over the place now, especially in the south and in the west to soar up the Democratic message, the progressive agenda and the populist ideal. I already know that Dean will be by far the strongest chairman of the Democratic party. The grassroots are ready to support Howard Dean, and we are ready to take the lead. We are constituents too, and the establishment cannot silence us on anything, even policy. Some may cry because Howard Dean's win means the loss of big huge concentrated power and money bases for the Democratic party. Instead the power will now be challenged to everyday people. That is something Washington consultants won't understand, but for them we have a message: don't let the door hit you on your way out. For Democrats to win, the ordinary people must win. The reverse also has never been truer than it is now. And Democrats are not going to win or gain any power if they do not give it to the people that it belongs to in the first place. A populist, pro-justice, pro-liberty, pro-responsibility message can and will win everywhere.

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