Fowler is getting fowl

Ok, let's get something straight first. I like Donnie Fowler. I like what he says, I even like his position that Iowa and New Hampshire probably does not deserve all the power to decide who a party's nominee is. But he is now getting a little nasty and fowl. After Howard Dean earned the endorsement of the state Democratic Party chairs on Monday and on Tuesday the AFL-CIO decided to remain neutral rather than have a divide on a Frost-Dean split, Donnie Fowler put a new spin on it: "The AFL-CIO denied Dean their endorsement" said Fowler, as though the whole AFL-CIO was expected to endorse Dean. I should mention that the SEIU is endorsing Dean (they are awesome!). I think Donnie is forgetting his place and is overreaching in his (and his father's) powergrab effort of the DNC. Knowing that he most likely cannot win the chairmanship anymore, Donnie is getting hostile. About to lose his chance at being the anti-Dean (thus repeat Iowa 2004), Fowler is taking it out by breaking the environment of stability. Howard Dean has yet to say one bad word about any of his adversaries. I think Donnie will be best advised to stop making stupid and hostile comments and taking potshots at Howard Dean. He will do the Democratic party a lot of service to not make this into personal bickering. This bigger than Donnie Fowler; and this is bigger than Howard Dean. This is about the future of the political party that brought us social security, kept America safe in two world wars, protected the environment, defended the rights of women and minorities, and is now on the verge of itself becoming the permanent minority party. This is about the future of America and what kind of a country we want to have. This is about whether we will have change and whether the Democratic party will be the proud vehicle in which that change arrives. Taking cheap shots at Howard Dean does not help that. Donnie clearly has a lot of skills that can be put to good use, and we are going to need those skills. When (and if) Howard Dean is chair, he will need to work with Donnie. The question is, will Fowler return to an atmosphere of respect and get off his high horse?

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