Bush FDA is Worse than Drug Companies

Ok. Here is the timeline. Merck puts Vioxx on the market. Merck does not let people know about the risks. Merck pulls Vioxx off the market because of potential risks. FDA puts Vioxx back on the market. Insane? Or FDA? Is there a difference? After a couple days of hearing, the FDA not only voted to keep Vioxx's competitors, Celebrex and Bextra on the market, they voted to put Vioxx back in, after its maker took it off. Just goes to show you how much in the pockets of the pharma industry this administration is, when they put back into market a harmful drug that has been pulled by its own maker! These people are so corrupt that they would blatantly and openly look out for corporate profit over the public interest - public health interest, no less. You could die from taking these drugs, for crying out loud. Oh, they have a justification: that Vioxx's benefits outweigh its risks. WHAT? The risk is it can kill you, the benefit is it will kill your pain. So the benefit outweighs the risk how? Let's say somebody comes up with a drug that in 70% of the cases means some relief from some ailment. In 30% of the cases it is guaranteed to cripple you for the rest of your life. Surely, the "benefits" outweigh the "risks." Let's just allow it on the market, right? How about just following the philosophy of anything that doesn't kill you makes you stronger? Let these "medicines" continue to kill. This is so disgusting. These people have no compassion, no respect for life, not even the slightest idea about human dignity.

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