Banned from the Fowler Blog

Yeah, I know. Donnie Fowler has now dropped out and endorsed Howard Dean for chair. Terrific. But I think my experience about Fowler's experience bears a post. I posted to Donnie's campaign website a comment on one of his blog entries. Basically, he had taken it upon himself to announce Rosenberg's departure from the race (on Monday or Tuesday, when Rosenberg had not yet dropped out) and the top "news" link on his site takes you to a story where the state Democratic Chair exec. committee recommended Fowler over Dean. But it doesn't mention the further development that the exec. committee got their faces rubbed when the full body of the ASDC voted overwhelmingly to reject their recommendation and endorse Dean. Thus putting that story on the top gives a false impression to an unsuspecting visitor about Fowler's support level. I wrote on a comment asking him to stop misleading people like this and to stop announcing other people's departure from the race when they have not done so. I also said that such behavior was immature. I did not use a single bad word, or fowl language; I was very respectful. This morning I go to the site, and not only has my comment been removed, but my login has been blocked. Interestingly enough, they had kept all the posts from apparent Deaniacs calling him names that stink to high heavens. What's the deal with this guy? He can take that, but can't take a little reasoned criticism?

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