Is Kerry Insane?

Ok, I had to search for it on the web, since I stopped receiving Kerry's emails a long time ago, but here is what Kerry wrote about the election of 2004:

No American citizen should wake up the morning after the election and worry their vote wasn’t counted. No citizen should be denied at the polls if they are eligible to vote. And, as the greatest, wealthiest nation on earth, our citizens should never be forced to vote on old, unaccountable and non transparent voting machines from companies controlled by partisan activists.

Tomorrow, members of Congress will meet to certify the results of the 2004 presidential election. I will not be taking part in a formal protest of the Ohio Electors.

Despite widespread reports of irregularities, questionable practices by some election officials and instances of lawful voters being denied the right to vote, our legal teams on the ground have found no evidence that would change the outcome of the election.

But, that does not mean we should abandon our commitment to addressing those problems that happened in Ohio. We must act today to make sure they never happen again.

I urge you to join me in using this occasion to highlight our demand that Congress commit itself this year to reforming the electoral system. A Presidential election is a national federal election but we have different standards in different states for casting and counting votes. We need a national federal standard to solve the problems that occurred in the 2004 election. I will propose legislation to help achieve this.

Florida 2000 was a wake up call. But the Republicans who control Congress ignored it. Will they now ignore what happened in 2004?

Huh? Who fried his brains? Let's start at the end. Will they ignore what happened in 2004? THEY? Is that really the question? I don't think so. I think the question is, Will YOU ignore it, Sen. Kerry? Will your pals in the Washington Democratic establishment ignore it? By the way, where the hell were you? Senator, you can introduce all the legislation you want - and it seems that's ALL you did in your time in the Senate - and your time in the Senate is almost as long as I have been alive. Oh where to begin to address your total lack of understanding of the problem! If "we must act today" to make sure this never happens again, would it be too much for you to friggin' show up TODAY? If "we must act today," then how do you possibly NOT join any formal challenge? When do you suppose you will get to "act today" - especially when it takes just what Sen. Boxer did for the minority to force a debate now-a-days? How exactly do you plan to "use this occation to hilight our demand that Congress commit itself" to fix the voting problems, if you are not even in the country this moment? What is it that you plan to do, write a letter of grievances to Tom Delay? Boy you really don't get it, do you? It doesn't matter whether it would have changed the outcome of the election - and it doesn't matter if you lost by 2 million votes instead of 118,000 in Ohio. It is your duty as a United States Senator and as the presidential nominee of a major party to stand up for every single voter's rights. It is your duty to scream bloody hell if one vote properly cast did not count, to scream bloody murder if one voter was disenfranchised through systematic suppression! If you are not willing to do that, not only do you not deserve to be President of the United States, you don't deserve to sit in the chamber known as the United States Senate. I am so disgusted with Kerry and his total lack of principle. Will the Democrats ever learn?

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