Dean for DNC Chair!

Duh! Like anyone needed to be told who my preference for the DNC chair is! Howard Dean, of course. But seriously, as I said in another post, Dean is probably the only person that can cure this blue - in the sad sense - state of the Democratic party. As usual, the beltway boys are out to stop Dean, now that time is running out (the election for DNC chair is less than 2 weeks away). I just watched the Eastern DNC forum on C-Span, and well, everyone was trying to be the anti-Dean. Wellington Webb said that you can't just represent the Democratic wing of the Democratic party; apparently the DNC chair must also (or only?) represent the Republican and corporate wings of the Democratic party as well. Tim Roemer railed against letting "special interest" groups define the Democrats' position on reproductive freedom and medical privacy. His argument is that Democrats ought have a big enough tent that allows anti-privacy thugs in the party, and let two of the three top leaders of the party be anti-choice. Wouldn't that work wonders to make the Democrats' commitment to women clear! Martin Frost was singing his usual happy tune about how he won 13 races in Texas and then complaining about other people pointing out that he cozied up to Bush in this past election (which he lost). He just had to have said that he was the one supporting President Bush, Speaker Hastart, Bill Frist and John McCain. He couldn't just say that his opponent was so right wing that he was one of only 9 people in Congress voting against a bill that passed by a overwhelming majority. Because, Lord knows, if you don't say how you supported Bush, you are not a real Democrat! Now, I kind of like Simon Rosenberg, but he is not, as he proclaims, the "whole package." Sure he has a lot of techno know-how, and some grassroots experience, but he does not energize people. He can only dream of making the wave of enthusiasm that Dean does with his every word. Right now the party has money. It can buy technology. But it cannot purchase the energy, loyalty, following, and reinvigoration that a Chairman Howard Dean would bring - no matter how many master cards the DNC has. Donny Fowler is a fine guy, but lacks vision and experience in executive operations. David Leland is a screaming head that was about to explode his head with how Democrats sent a man to the moon, but he doesn't get it. The problem in the Democratic party is not that there aren't any good ideas, it's that people are tired of the inside-Washington insanity of doing the same things over and over and expecting a different result every time. It's not about sending a man to the moon, it's about sending a neighbor to a neighbor's door knocking. It's not about feel-good-about-us politics, it's about empowerment. Dean comes to the scene with the whole thing: he's got executive experience; he's run a national campaign; he is a true leader who inspires activism; he is willing to break the Washington Democratic culture that cannot think outside a Foxified box; he can raise funds in all parts of the country; he knows the importance of building from bottom up (instead of sending orders from top down); he understands the importance of the Democrats having a spine; and nobody can bring the grassroots in to the party to make it better like Dean can. Dean is the only one that can give the grassroots a sense of belonging, because for once, they will be in control of the party. They will be able to recruit candidates and get the help from the DNC. They will feel like it's their party again. Howard Dean is a natural leader who makes you feel like a participant in the grand experiment of America rather than being a watcher from the sidelines. Dean is a Democrat with convictions, and he is not afraid to show it - be it in red states or blue. DFA elected people to office in 2004 all over the "red" states. Howard Dean is the visionary who can lead this party to prominance and dominance again, and he is the man the Democrats need badly right now.

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