The Scream - It's Back!

You remember the Iowa caucuses (2004), don't you? You know, when John Kerry pronounced himself the come-back Kerry? Well, if you ask anyone in the media, they will probably say, "Oh yeah, I remember that! That's the night when Howard Dean had that 'I have a scream speech.' " Right after the Iowa caucuses, the media did a tremendous disservice to the American people by cutting out of context and repeating 700 times. ABC News, to its credit, ran a mea culpa of that terrible coverage. Basically they put the speech into perspective. There were 3000 screaming orange hats in the room, and Gov. Dean's so-called scream could not even be heard if you were actually there. His microphone was designed to cancel out background noise. Well, guess what? The media is shameless. And they are back. In all the major networks, their lookback at the Year 2004 included - somewhere, that "scream." Not his whole speech in perspective, just that cut-out-of-reality made-by-the-media scream. I don't know when they'll get it. Fairness in reporting matters, and after ALL the major Networks (including Fox news) admitted their coverage was over the top with this, they come right back and do it again. The networks like spoiled brats that never learn anything. But then again, "news" no longer has the public interest, facts, and fairness as its motivator. That void has been filled by corporate greed. Can you imagine? 90% of the "news" you see on TV is controlled by three corporations - giant corporations. Of course, our president has a solution to this problem. Let them control all 100%. Anyway, back to the Iowa speech, because if I start venting my disgust at the media, I will be writing this blog entry all night long. The speech was in fact a very good one. Howard Dean was enthusiastic, not angry. His passion was pouring over every word he spoke. And the 3000 orange hats in the room gave him (rightly) a hero's reception. He deserved as much. After being the target of a 5 team circular firing squad, he came up short in Iowa (the same night, we got Mr. John 'Electability' Kerry annointed, who would eventually lead Democrats to a loss to the weakest incumbent president in history), but it did not diminish his spirit, or his belief in the goodness of his country. 3000 young people busted their bottoms for Howard Dean in Iowa. They deserved a rousing speech from Howard Dean. Dean did not disappoint. He showed real leadership then, and he continues to do it today. And I pledge to you, Guv: We're going to go to New Hampshire, and Michigan, and California, and Nevada, and Washington, and then we're going to Washington, DC! YEAAHHHHH!!

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