How I Feel About John Kerry

Crappy. Disgusted. Let down. Evidence of electoral irregularities at best and voter fraud at worst abound throughout the country. Especially in Ohio and Florida. John Kerry promised his supporters - never mind the 55 million people that voted for him - that he will not shy away from the fight to get every vote counted. He conceded way too early for that. Whereas he could have been a warrior for people's voting rights, he chose to give up that big microphone that he had as the Democratic nominee. Whereas he could have been a real fighter, he copped out. It should be noted that I don't for a minute believe Kerry actually won this election, there simply is no hard evidence for that. But that does not diminish the importance of counting every vote. Count every vote when it's for you, and count them when it's not. Count them. Yeah yeah. I know what you're going to say. Kerry would look bad in the media if he fought and at the end it turned out he actually lost fair and sqaure. So Kerry is working behind the scenes. Well let me tell you something. If you're so afraid of the media turnishing your image, please get out of politics, let alone running for president. Kerry has a duty to his supporters, and as a United States Senator, to all of the American people to fight for what's right. To fight to make sure votes are counted. To SCREAM and raise hell when evidence of voter fraud pop up, no matter how many voters may have been affected by it. One vote not counted is one vote too many. And working behind the scenes won't shine the light on this issue as much as Kerry could. Now hypocritically he wants to introduce a bill for election reform in Congress. The time to fight is now, John Kerry. Oh and here is the other reaction of mine: So much for Mr. Electability. Anyone remember Kerry's theme in the primaries to try to beat Howard Dean? I am Mr. Electability, so vote for me. Well guess what? Electability did not turn out to be as big a factor in the general election. But this goes deeper than that. The Washington Democratic establishment, I believe made a conscious decision that Dean had to be stopped - because he threatened the establishment's power and tried to give it back to the grassroots - even if that meant Bush would get another term. I am not saying they wanted to lose - they did not - but they were willing to pay that price in order to stop Dean and the popular progressive movement. Shame on the DNC!

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