Fahrenheit 911

I know, I know.  Long time no blog, you say.  Well, I've been busy, so what are you gonna do?  So anyway, Michael Moore's new Canne Award winning documentary, Fahrenheit 9/11 is coming out in theatres on the 25th.
Fahrenheit 9/11.
And well, theatres are playing it, as they play other movies.  But whaddya know, the radical right is at it again with their attempts to cover up the truth.  They have launched a new page, Stop Michael Moore.  Stop him, damn it, before he lets the dogs - I mean truth - out.  But the reason I am posting that link is because I want you to go to that site, and scroll own.  They have all the email addresses of the theatres playing it listed.  I want you to email those theatres with a word of support - thank them for protecting our first amendment.  And you might send an email to info@moveamericaforward.com too, thanking them for compiling all that information so we don't have to.

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