Rabindra Sandhya 2004

Well, I went to this cultural program with my parents today. Oh, well, you should know, I am Bengali. To give you some background, Rabindranath Tegore is somewhat of an icon in Bengali culture. The first Indian ever to win the Nobel prize, the poet, songwriter, and novelist (among many other things) authored enough work in his lifetime to last at least 5 of mine. His birthday is celebrated among the Bengali people as a cultural day with songs, poetry, dances, drama, and homage to the genius of Tegore. His birthday was actually 2 weeks ago. But the celebration was today. It was a nice program all in all. I really enjoyed the childen's performances. The later solo singers were great artists, but I got bored at times. Anyway, I took some pictures with my digicam, have a look. I am posting some of them on the blog. For the full set, click here.

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