The Democrats' Right Wing Follies

Read it here.. In this article, Paul Rockwell alerts U.S. Democrats of what history has taught us: Democrats cannot win by moving to the political right. Citing histories of Democratic landslides and defeats, Rockwell shows that when Democratic candidates for President have run on a robust progressive (yeah, that means liberal, for those who care) platform, they have won. Every time they have run enthusiastically declaring their support for the aspirations of the progressives in this countries: reducing poverty, limiting armed conflicts, caring about and standing firmly with African Americans and proudly touting their support for civil rights for all - they have won. And every time they have moved to the right - well, some call it center - by wavering on core issues like the ones mentioned, they have lost. The author doesn't examine Clinton too far into depth, but what elected Clinton twice was his progressive policies: his unwavering support for a woman's right to choose, an economic plan that shifted the tax burden (somewhat) from the poor to the rich, and supporting civil rights to the last end. Bill Clinton *was* referred to as the first black President of the United States. The message to John Kerry here is clear, and what Howard Dean has summed up for months: We cannot beat Bush by being Bush lite. The only way to beat Bush is to stand up to him, counter his radical right policies with our peace oriented progressive policies, and take him head on on every single issue. Again, you can read the article here..

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Bush baffles - err, I mean babbles

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