Bush baffles - err, I mean babbles

European Pressphoto Agency
President Bush said at the Army War College in Carlisle, Pa., that he would maintain troop levels in Iraq.
The Speech: Transcript | Excerpts | Video

(Photo from NY Times)  Well, there it is.  Bush spoke last evening telling people what he's going to do in Iraq.  Of course, as most of his speeches, this one came out to be vague on substance, reiteration of lies, and a make-believe of how great Iraqis are doing and how America can claim the moral high ground.  He didn't say anything about those WMD that enabled Iraq to launch an attack on the US in 45 minutes though.  I wonder why.

But I did notice a little indication of worry though.  That little smirk is gone.  Although I am not sure if that's from the grave situation in Iraq or from the fact that he fell off a bike over the weekend.

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