Chicago Shuts Down Trump. Also, "Polite" Trolls. Open Thread

The huge, pardon me, YUUUGE news of the night is that Donald Trump had to cancel his rally in Chicago faced with a sea of protesters inside and outside the event. Violence was reported between Trump supporters and some protesters. What started as a petition by a graduate student made it this big. 

Now, our usual fun at the troll's expense. Some sampling of what I've been receiving from trolls. Tonight's theme, polite trolls.


Deleting articulate comments that disagree with you makes you a censoring chicken shit dick.


[Your site] blows! Half thought you were republicans at first. How does it feel having HRC’s hand so far up your ass it’s tickling your brain?

Let me comment or I'll vote for Trump!

Congratulations, your representation of your candidate just cost Hillary several votes. Enjoy the Trump regime.

Even already Clinton-haters hate you, you retarded hag.

... you drooling retard, even Salon dot com is giving up your vicious corrupt, warmongering hag. When the smoke settles, you might be the last moron left supporting that bitch

Your shitty blog is bought and paid for, and I can't stop reading it. (this guy sent me 2 emails).

So your shitty little blog is supporting one of the most corrupt politicians in history. How much money is in it for you, or are you just another fucking retard who actually believes in Hillary?

This is your thread to do what you wish! Oh, and feel free to tip, using that button right below. :-)

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Donald Trump is Inciting Unchecked Anger. So is Bernie Sanders.

I'm Gay. Hillary Clinton Misspoke While Being Nice to a Dead Woman. Get Over It.

I'm Gay. Hillary Clinton Misspoke While Being Nice to a Dead Woman. Get Over It.