L'affaire Sharpie

L'affaire Sharpie

Let us go back a few days.

Hurricane Dorian was a category 5. People in the Caribbean and up and down the US’s east coast were justly terrified. The National Weather Service was trying to put out accurate information on a very changeable storm.

In steps The Occupant, tweeting out to the people of Alabama to be careful.

The NWS had to put out a statement that Alabama was in no danger of being hit by Dorian.

Much hilarity ensued, as Twitter went to town on Donnie.

Now let’s go to yesterday. As you see in the graphic which heads this piece, Donnie was having an Oval Office availability to talk about the hurricane, and pretend that he gave a shit.

Now, not only was the map to which he pointed outdated, but it had a mysterious extension via Sharpie, so that the cone now covered Alabama. When asked how that strange protruberance appeared, he said “I don’t know. I don’t know. I don’t know.”

That’s right. The man who currently holds the title of president of the United States has spent days stewing over being laughed at for his meteorological knowledge. So much so, that he took a pen and altered an official government document to prove he was right.

Every day one thinks “Things can’t get any more ridiculous,” and every day one is proven wrong.

Donnie has a psychological inability to admit error. He doubles down. He repeats bigger lies. He doctors documents. Admitting error is the ultimate weakness. He’s a genius, a world-bestriding behemoth, and he can never be wrong.

This sociopath is in charge of our nuclear arsenal. It would be easy to goad him into launching a first strike, if he sees his manhood at stake. He’s not a servant of the people; he sees his role in the presidency as one of untrammeled power. Everything revolves around him and should redound to his benefit. Anything which doesn’t benefit him is therefore not in the state’s interest.

We cannot be rid of him soon enough. He’s the Hitler parody come to awful life. He treats everyone, from interns to Cabinet secretaries, as his personal lackeys, there solely to please and gratify him. It is an untenable situation.

We can laugh at l’affaire Sharpie. But its deeper implications should frighten us. We have an actual madman in the West Wing. Surviving him will be no easy matter.

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