Don't fear the reaper

Don't fear the reaper

David Roberts, the writer of the tweet featured above, speaks for me.

The discourse over the past few months has been about who can be “tough” enough to take on The Occupant.

This presupposes a fact not in evidence: That Moron is “tough”.

Lets look at the evidence, shall we?

He actually lost the general election popular vote by 3 million.

He is in office solely to the efforts of Vladimir Putin’s GRU.

He is having an unrequited love affair with North Korean despot Kim Jong-un.

Just yesterday he blinked and put off new tariffs on Chinese goods until the Christmas shopping season was over.

He never punches up or to his level. Whenever anyone pushes back, he crumples like paper. You notice that he’s stopped attacking the Squad, as they don’t take his shit. And he’s never come up with a nickname for Nancy Pelosi, who has torn him to shreds on a regular basis. (Likewise, Kamala Harris has escaped any sobriquet.)

Sure, he calls Joe Biden “Sleepy Joe.” But that’s projection from a man who knows he is slipping into dementia, faced with a possible opponent older than him and orders of magnitude healthier, more vibrant, and more human than he is.

He bankrupted a casino. His “wealth” is a Potemkin village.

He pays for sex. No woman with any self respect would knock boots with a bloated, selfish lover, without even the benefit of having a decent-sized penis.

I grew up in New York City. He was always considered a laughingstock, just another of the colorful cast of losers who congregate in world capitals, looking to impress those who have more taste, more discernment, more class. He was nothing but a parvenu with barely-disguised mob ties, who would have been nowhere without his racist father’s money.

The fact that more than a few on our side have built him up to be this fearsome monster is both laughable and unhelpful.

I don’t even pity him for being such a failure as a human being. I look upon with utter contempt, as someone not worthy of even a spare moment of my time, with whom I am forced to occupy myself due to the position he purloined and the real damage he is causing by his bile and incompetence.

Fearing The Occupant, quaking at his next shambolic move, is giving him the power and status he craves. He believes that if he blusters enough and wrecks things enough, he will fill that empty hole where his soul should be.

He’s nothing but a charlatan, a pantomime villain, and should be treated as such: With derision and disgust, with ridicule and dark laughter. He is, quite simply, nothing, a cipher, buoyed solely by his ability to speak to people who likewise deserve nothing but scorn and mockery.

He is the King of Fools, and he and his army of fools can triumph only if we accord them the status of equals.

He’s not my equal. He’s not the equal of my immigrant mother. He’s not the equal of the lowest homeless person, raving madly on the street. He is, quite simply, a nonentity, bestowed with one gift: the ability to speak to other failures.

Once we realize this, that, no, the emperor has no clothes, we can surgically destroy him and his followers.

Mockery is an effective weapon. It’s most effective against people who think highly of themselves for no discernible reason.

If Joe Biden is the nominee, he should deal with him as he did with Paul Ryan in 2012, with barely-concealed derision.

If Kamala Harris is the nominee, she should deal with him as a mother would deal with her child’s dense friend.

Whoever our Democratic nominee is, he or she should afford him no respect due to the office, an office he has repeatedly sullied and traduced.

We have a long road ahead of us, where those of us of good will will have to excise the cancer which has been at the root of the American experiment since its inception. But the first order of business is this: Don’t accord these people any respect. They deserve none, for they give none to anyone else.

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