Promoting White Racism: What Green Cards for the Rich is Really About

Promoting White Racism: What Green Cards for the Rich is Really About

Donald Trump doesn’t want immigrants from shithole countries because, as he would put it, they are just such a drag on the “modern welfare state”. Poor immigrants don’t deserve a green card, the Trump administration announced yesterday.

Trump’s acting director of US Citizenship and Immigration Services and sodomy-obsessed Virginia Republican who lost the governorship in the state in 2013 - the first time in a long time the party opposed to the president had lost the Virginia governor’s race, by the way - announced that, basically, if you meet the qualifications for immigration carved on the pedestal of the Statue of Liberty, you will no longer be eligible for a green card.

The policy isn’t just cruel and inhumane, and it isn’t just diametrically opposed to the values America has upheld through each wave of immigration. The policy is a lie based on two demonstrably provable falsehoods of immigrants and poor people costing taxpayers too much.

It has been shown time and again through empirical evidence that immigrants are a net positive to America and to its treasury. In fact, not only do immigrants overall contribute more to the tax base than they receive in benefits, the greatest net plus to the treasury comes from the children of poor immigrants - who, on average, contribute a net $400 more per person to the US tax base than do other native-born Americans.

In other words, America benefits by welcoming those who come here with little more than the shirts on their backs and work to the bone to raise children instilled with the same values of hard work, perseverance, and paying it forward.

The notion that the poor are a drag on our system is equally false. In 2016, for example, the federal government spent $877 billion in benefits and services to low-income individuals and families. That sure sounds like a lot, until you realize that the same federal government in 2017 spent over $1.6 trillion in tax expenditures or deductions that skew heavily to people of means. Keep in mind that this was before even greater tax expenditures kicked in for the rich kicked in under Trump’s tax cuts.

Let me say that again. The federal government spends TWICE as much to help rich people than it spends to help poor people. At least.

That doesn’t even include the fact that the rich make far greater and more extensive use of public infrastructure, or the fact that large businesses run or owned by rich people benefit far more from public investment in education, or the fact that direct federal purchases of equipment - especially military equipment - is paid entirely to rich people.

Maybe we should kick all the rich people out.

But we all know what this is really about, don’t we? This has never been about who costs the American taxpayer how much.

What this is really about is playing on the white fear of “being replaced” - I dare say that this is, in fact, about playing on racist fears of poor white people and giving them someone to look down on, the poor immigrant.

There is only one way to destroy this dark vision of America.

Don’t boo, vote.

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