Stay Angry

Stay Angry

The Muslim ban.

Three separate votes to take away your healthcare.

Shithole countries.

Trying to repeal DACA.

The transgender ban.

Usurping the 4th of July.

Children in cages.

Protecting child rapists.

This is your Republican Party. It is not Donald Trump. It is not Stephen Miller. It is not Jeffrey Epstein. It is all of them. They are all complicit.

This is a party that has no morals and they make no apologies for it. They support their White supremacist Congressman from Iowa. They support their Alabama senate nominee who was a known sexual predator. They support the nomination of an unethical man to the highest court in the land. Ethics be damned with the modern Republican Party. All that matters in staying in power.

Knowing this, knowing what we’re dealing with, means we’re in the fight for our lives. Norms are out the window. Scandals that would have otherwise crippled any Democratic administration are now out of the news cycle in a single day. Republican candidate for office caught having an affair? Fess up, apologize, find Jesus, and get your endorsement from the state party. From top to bottom, this Republican Party is rotten and they don’t care who knows it. The Party of Family Values only cares about your family if they’re rich and White. Other than that and you’re on your own.

So we fight like motherfuckers. We don’t sling mud but we sure as hell don’t let Republicans stomp all over us. We call out their bigotry in public places. We counter misinformation online. And we work like hell over the next 16 months. I’m talking work like we’ve never worked before. Talk to our friends and family. Talk to our mailman and barber and dentist and podiatrist. Make sure they know about local, state, and national elections. Make sure they’re registered to vote. Make sure our children are registered to vote. Make sure our neighbors are registered to vote. Find our people and get them involved. Talk to the local senior center to make sure they have rides to the polls. Talk to your local Democratic offices and make sure people know about early voting. Start all of this NOW so that when November of 2020 hits, we move out like the 70 million person army we need to be to crush these assholes.

Because make no mistake. The Republican Party will go lower. Their evil knows no bounds. They continue to protect their own and target who they perceive to be as the weak. It’s a slow march toward genocide that can only be stopped by us, the people. And it can only be stopped if we stay angry, pissed off, and motivated over the next 16 months. There are more sick fucks like Jeffrey Epstein out there, being protected by Republicans. We may or may not hear about them. But unless we remove this administration in 2020, we sure as hell won’t be able to shine the sunlight on them to disinfect them from the American political landscape. Remember how you’re feeling today, July 9th, and channel that anger into positive energy these next 16 months. Because that anger you feel today will be magnified exponentially on November 3rd, 2020 if this administration is allowed to continue in office for another 4 years.

The country, and the world, simply cannot allow that to happen.

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