The utter fecklessness of Paul Davis Ryan, Esq.

The utter fecklessness of Paul Davis Ryan, Esq.

Yesterday, former House Speaker Paul Ryan crawled out from wherever he’d been hiding since he oversaw the Blue Wave of 2018 while not seeking re-election to opine on matters Trumpian. Of course, it’s related to a book he’s hawking. This is the gist of his argument, from the above Vanity Fair article:

In a new book, portions of which were reported by the Washington Post on Thursday, Ryan tees off on the president, depicting him as a narcissistic, divisive loon and “uneducated about the government”—revelations that only further highlight how Ryan was knowingly complicit in Trump’s nightmare government.

“We’ve gotten so numbed by it all,” Ryan tells Tim Alberta in American Carnage, which examines how Republicans came to embrace Trump after an acrimonious 2016 race. “Not in government, but where we live our lives, we have a responsibility to try and rebuild. Don’t call a woman a ‘horse face.’ Don’t cheat on your wife. Don’t cheat on anything. Be a good person. Set a good example.”

So, yes, now that he’s outside of the pathways of power, Ryan feels free to “tell it like it is” in regards to Donald Trump.

Dear Mr. Ryan: Fuck you.

Fuck you, because you soon embraced Trumpism in all its glory.

Fuck you, because as the second most powerful man in government, you did nothing to stop the cancer eating away not only at your party, but at our very fabric as a nation. Every chance you had to stand up to Trump you squandered, in fetid loyalty to a political party which was fast becoming nothing but a Hitlerian adjunct to the executive.

Fuck you, because at every turn you did nothing but enhance Trump’s most unhinged priorities: removing healthcare from millions, banning Muslims from entering the country, waging war against the undocumented. As Speaker, you had the power to set the agenda. Instead of standing up to Trump and his brownshirts in the House, instead of making a deal with Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi to save the Republic, you genuflected in supine obeisance to a man who wasn’t fit to care for a pet, much less be Leader of the Free World.

Fuck you, because in Trump and his stupidity, you saw a chance to advance your own goals, which have always been about inflicting pain on the powerless. Trump hated Obamacare because it had “Obama” in it. You hated Obamacare because it helped those less fortunate than you, and as a good follower of Ayn Rand, you saw altruism and empathy as the real evils to be combated.

Fuck you, because you’ve never held a “real” job. All of your working career has been spent in government service, a government against which you rail at every opportunity, but whose sinecure you don’t deign to refuse.

Trump is Trump. He’s an evil cancer which we will excise forthwith.

But you are even worse. You and your confrere Mitch McConnell have used the advent of Trump to build your own power, to advance your own goals under the guise of the Moron in the White House. You have no principles. You have enabled a gross evil in our body politic, an evil the rest of us will work for years to put right. And you now, reading the winds, knowing that Trump’s days are numbered, seek to position yourself for the new regime, for a politics devoid of Trump.

But here’s the thing: it was never about Trump. You were a Trumpist before Trump. All his outrageous statements were your governing philosophy long before he came onto the scene. It was just that before, you and your compatriots knew to keep the quiet parts quiet. Now it’s all in the open. And instead of having a Damascene moment, you went along with it, saying “Fuck it” and trying to do as much damage as you could while you had the chance.

You now say all these damning things about Trump, now that you have no power. But while in power you aided and abetted his worst excesses, in the name of party loyalty.

You have no loyalty to the country. You are no American. You are a factionalist, a devotee of an evil ideology which reduces humanity to mere ciphers of economic theory, with no concern for what makes a full, decent human life.

You will enjoy, for the rest of your life, your government pension and your government healthcare, while you sought to deny economic security to the mass of your fellow-citizens.

You are nothing but a useless pustule on the ass of our commonwealth, and no amount of ball-washing will remove that stain.

You will be remembered as the man who had a chance to stand against the leader of his party when he was taking it down a dark path, and failed in the moment of crisis.

But it’s no wonder you failed. You don’t disagree with Trump’s ideas, just his rhetoric.

The Republican Party has been on the path of fascism since before the Second World War. It became the home of disaffected Democrats who could no longer call black Americans the n-word. It became the home of conspiracists. It became the home of those who believed we chose the wrong side in the crusade against right-wing terror. The party leaders were able, for decades, to hide these facts with rhetoric. But eventually, the lunatics took over the asylum. The GOP is a stew pot of raging id, giving vent to every bit of evil it can think of.

As you go on your book-and-redemption tour, kindly go fuck the fuck off. History will remember you as a Quisliing, as a Petain, as a handmaiden to evil. No amount of soft-focus interviews will change that.

I hope that when your children grow up, they will be ashamed of what their father did in the moment of national peril, for helping to set back the country he purported to love. I hope they will reject you, and not mourn you at your passing. You deserve no memory but damnation.

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