Committees for the Defense of the Revolution

Committees for the Defense of the Revolution

One of the first things Fidel Castro did to secure his 1959 revolution was to institute neighborhood watchdogs to report counter-revolutionary sentiment.

These “committees for the defense of the revolution” were no different than their cousins in Eastern Europe, or their ideological “enemies” in fascist Italy and Germany. They were set up to report on those who weren’t fervent enough, or not fervent at all, in their revolutionary zeal. They were Mao’s Red Guard six years before Mao thought of it.

“Democratic” presidential candidate Bernard Sanders released an app yesterday which hearkens back to those days.

Called “BERN”, it bills itself as a political organizing tool. What it does, though, is allow its users to post third party information. That’s right. Someone you know—or just met on the street—can upload your information, most importantly on whether or not you support Sanders.

My parents are Cuban. They suffered through the CDR regime. As anti-communists, they were denounced. Because of these radical utopians, my parents were forced to flee the only country they had known. It’s why I was born in the United States, rather than Havana.

The idea that Sanders rolled out an app which encouraged his followers to report on those who don’t “feel the Bern” is one step beyond for me.

I’ve not been much on the “Never Bernie” track, because my one overriding goal is to send Donald Trump out of the White House and into jail.

But this gross totalitarian move by Sanders is one step too far for me.

This is no different than the Cuban CDR’s, or how the East German Stasi had most of the population spying on each other. This, should Bernie win, is laying the groundwork for informants snitching on those not willing to go to Washington and march to push Bernie’s pet projects.

That this is an ill-thought out project is a lie. This was very well-thought out.

Sanders is nothing but a totalitarian in the mold of Trump, just of the left rather than of the right.

He knows he’s divisive. But his own will to power wouldn’t allow him to sit out this election. He had to run, because he is the only savior.

Sanders is nothing but a mediocre white man who has drawn sustenance from the example of mediocre white man Donald Trump. If he can “win”, so can Bernie.

Sanders has accomplished nothing, aside from conning Vermont voters to elect him. And this Gulag Archipelago app, which encourages his followers to snitch on people they know, is evidence of this. He can’t win a fair fight. He had one in 2016, and had his ass handed to him.

As for me, I’m now Never Bernie. God help us if he, somehow, miraculously, wins the nomination. This blog might go away, because I can in no good conscience proselytize for him. I’ll work to keep the House blue and turn the Senate. But I won’t lift a finger for Bernie. Someone who has no regard for those who disagree with him is no better than Trump, and will do as much damage. And the fact that no one in his camp thought this app was an awful idea—or that they did, and were ignored—is all I need to know. They are totalitarians of the left, no different than those of the right.

Consider this my stand. I can do no other.

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