A historical analogy

A historical analogy

The Russians were at the gates. The Allies were pushing in from France. The days were dire and dark for the Third Reich. Every resource should have been going towards keeping the wolves at bay and make the dual advances so costly that its enemies would sue for peace to stanch the massacres.

Instead, in the dying days of the Reich, the trains kept rolling towards the death camps. Even facing looming defeat, Hitler and his cabal’s first priority was to exterminate the Jews and other undesirables.

Today, we witnessed something of the sort with the Trump cabal.

Although the weekend’s news isn’t quite as good as some in the media are making out to be, there’s no denying that Donald Trump got a bounce from his handpicked Attorney General’s whitewashing letter summarizing Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia report. For at least one news cycle, Trump and his coterie could breathe a sigh of relief.

They couldn’t go 48 hours without scuppering everything.

As you see from the graphic heading this piece, the regime has decided to cut all funding to the Special Olympics, the legacy of Eunice Shriver Kennedy. The regime has also decided to no longer defend the Affordable Care Act in court. (Not to worry; the Democratic House has stepped in.) But it’s the Special Olympics news which is really stupefying.

Now, granted, most of Trump’s diminishing base could probably not give two farthings about the people who participate in the Special Olympics. They no doubt call those people the “R” word with gleeful abandon. As sclerotic and full of medical pathologies as many of them are from a scanning of Trump rallies, at least they ain’t no r****ds!

Fortunately, most Americans aren’t vile assholes. By going after the Special Olympics a mere two days after a needed victory, the Trump regime betrays the same inability to strategize that led Hitler to keep the charnel houses going as the Red Army was crossing the Vistula. As I tweeted:

Much as with the Nazis, the cruelty is the entire point. There is no political or moral reason to pull support from a group like the Special Olympics. The only rationale is that we’re dealing with a cabal of evil, petty little people. There’s no other way to describe it. Our government has been taken over by sheer evil.

They could have milked the “positive” news for a couple of more cycles. Instead, they decided to expose further their unhinged animus. Pulling funding from the Special Olympics is analogous to kicking a child in the street. It grossly offends morality. But they don’t care, because their only morality is that of power and dominance. The Nazis wanted to exterminate Jews; the MAGAists want to make their enemies suffer. Mere political or strategic concerns won’t impede their actions.

Many of us said “Wait. Trump will do something which will walk over his putative vindication.” But I definitely didn’t expect it would be such a spectacular own-goal.

I keep coming to the word “cruelty”. There’s no other word to describe what this regime does in its every action and utterance. These are not people who see the mass of the citizens they govern as being equal to them. They’re enemies to be subdued. They can’t see that, ultimately, the people do have the power, and they will be shown the door. Just like the Nazis, they’re desperate to inflict as much pain as possible before the inevitable conclusion sees them whisked off to ignominy. The do things like this because it’s what they’ve wanted to do their entire adult lives, and can’t think beyond the immediate moment. This is their terminal weakness.

Whether it’s the Special Olympics, or the ACA, or the “global gag rule”, they wallow in antipathy. This is how we will destroy them.

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I may be stupid, but I'm not a moron

I may be stupid, but I'm not a moron

The Barr letter is trash. But it does prove Trump-Russia collusion through an intermediary.

The Barr letter is trash. But it does prove Trump-Russia collusion through an intermediary.