House Passes Massive Gun Safety Reform | Non-Cohen News Break

House Passes Massive Gun Safety Reform | Non-Cohen News Break

Obviously, today’s news is dominated by Michael Cohen’s public testimony before the House Oversight Committee and the Republicans’ abject failure to make any kind of dent in the indictment Cohen delivered against Donald Trump, but, with respect to Cohen, keep mind that Cohen is likely to have said and to say a lot more about what he knows to the House and Senate intelligence committees. He testified to Senate Intel yesterday, and will testify before Chairman Adam Schiff and House Intel tomorrow. If you thought his public testimony was damning about Trump, one wonders what he will have implicated Trump for behind closed doors.

Now, onto other news of today.

House passes sweeping gun safety reform.

The House of Representatives have passed a wide ranging gun safety reform bill, a bill that is being called the most significant gun reform in twenty years. Republicans by and large voted against the bill that mandates universal background checks, as the measure carried 240-190.

Today’s vote was not just a major victory for gun safety advocates and House Democrats, but a major accomplishment for Rep. Lucy McBath, a Mother of the Movement who last year won a seat in Georgia that was once held by Newt Gingrich. McBath is the original cosponsor of this legislation.

The House is expected to vote on Thursday on lengthening the time gun dealers must wait for federal background checks to be completed from 3 days to 10.

Big Beautiful Wall (TM) prototype demolished.

The sample wall that Trump once used to showcase his vision for a racist barrier across the southern border was bulldozed today. The border between San Diego, CA and Tijuana, Mexico is going back to older fencing.


Exit from Brexit?

In 2016, Russians intervened in western democracies in major ways. In what was a harbinger of things to come in November of that year, a referendum on the United Kingdom leaving the European Union, commonly known as Brexit, was widely expected to fail but passed narrowly.

Ever since, the British government has been fruitlessly engaged in trying to honor the vote while leaving the EU on the best of terms. That hasn’t gone well. It’s gone so badly that Prime Minister Theresa May’s government - and its main opposition in the Labour Party - now seem to believe Brexit, at the least, will have to be delayed. Labour may also back a second people’s vote on Brexit, and polls show that having understood what Brexit actually means, the British people would now overwhelmingly reject it.

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