Sunday Rules Thread

Sunday Rules Thread

As I have been getting back to my writing habits, it has come to my attention that we need a reminder of the commenting rules and guidelines. A couple of weeks ago, I made some updates to our rules, and the purpose of this post is to reiterate the rules, clarify any questions, and make sure that disagreements do not devolve into disparagement.

Please feel free to ask questions, but here’s something that shouldn’t need mentioning: if you believe someone’s comment is particularly offensive, a personal attack, etc., you should feel free to respond. However, in general, do not respond to behavior you consider offensive and personal by being offensive and personal yourself. You should report the content, and I or another moderator will do the rest. This is not to say that if right wingers or “bros” come into a thread and try to get unruly, people who are supportive of TPV and those of you who have been here a while can’t tell those nuts to screw right off. But I trust most of you to know the circumstances under which that is appropriate, and circumstances under which it is not.

This being said, here are the rules as they stand now. When it doubt, review the rules page.

The Preamble

TPV is not everybody's protest soapbox. TPV is a pro-Democratic website (yes, with a big D, as in the Democratic party). We are a sanctuary for pragmatists. Comments are heavily moderated (not just tone but content as well), we do not lend ourselves well to hair-on-fire ideologue rants (Left or Right), and cannot help you if your feelings are hurt because you weren't allowed to throw a tantrum.


If you think the Internet is your place to be a bratty six-year old, you won't like it here. Conduct yourself as an adult, and make your comments as if you were talking face to face with the person you were talking to in a polite manner, and you are welcome here.

The People's View is intended to be a progressive, participatory, open discussion blog.  We embrace certain principles when it comes to debates:

  • Making progress is more important than ideological check lists.

  • A debate is not a screaming match. It is intelligent discussion, adult discourse, and informative.

  • We can disagree without being disagreeable.

  • There are no "third rails" or "sacred cows." Every policy initiative has to stand on its own.

  • When it comes to legislation, legislative reality does matter.

  • Concern trolling is not tolerated.

Specifically, while all are welcome to join this community and express themselves, respect is important.  Especially respect for the viewpoints presented on the main posts, and those who write them. Anyone is free to disagree and make their case, however, disrespect in disagreements is not tolerated. If you come to the comment section and start screaming at posters or peaceful discussions, or start throwing pejoratives at respected Democrats, longtime community members or others trying to discuss an issue, you will be banned, with or without warning. Yes, this blog is a safe haven for progress, pragmatism, and civil debate.  Don't try my patience on that; you won't like the results.


TPV intends to support and endorse the Democratic nominee for president in 2020. As the 2020 Democratic primaries approach, we will evaluate and vet all comers to the contest. Loyalty to and membership in the Democratic party are the minimum that will be required of a candidate for our consideration.

In the 2020 primary cycle, TPV will not make an endorsement without a consensus of editors. That does not mean, however, that we will refrain from offering either praiseworthy or critical coverage of any given candidate. Community members are likewise welcome to offer critical or positive views of candidates, but always remind yourself of the “Act as an Adult” rule.


Comments are generally open to anyone who wants to comment, and you may choose to log in via any of the available networks. Moderators do not need to fit their decisions neatly into any stated rule, and moderation decisions are final.  Do not post here or email us complaining about moderation decisions, unless a moderator makes a specific exception.

Oh, and please do not whine about your first amendment right. This is a site with a purpose, not your personal punching bag. You want to scream at the ether, start your own blog.

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