Vetting Bernie: A Resource of The People's View in Regard to the Candidacy of Bernie Sanders.

Vetting Bernie: A Resource of The People's View in Regard to the Candidacy of Bernie Sanders.

[Author’s Note: The People’s View is a political blog in support of pragmatic, progressive, democratic ideals. We were formed during President Barack Obama’s presidency as a way to counter the narrative that President Obama wasn’t doing enough for liberal values and that he was selling out to corporate influence. As a result, this blog was established as a way to unite those in favor of incremental change as well as those who understood that the political process takes time and effort to ensure even the smallest victory. The authors of this blog identify themselves with the Democratic Party and a number of them have worked on local, statewide, and even national campaigns. They are all unpaid authors and contribute simply to engage the community and to foster positive discussion about the Democratic Party and its politics.

The People’s View provides ample space to discuss local, statewide, and national candidates for political office. From April of 2015 onward, there was much spirited debate about who would be the most qualified candidate to carry on President Barack Obama’s legacy. Several of our members would have easily been ridin’ with Biden had he chosen to run. By the fall of 2015, our community was coalescing around Hillary Clinton, especially as she began to assert herself in early debates as someone who would fight to carry on the policies of Barack Obama. As this happened, we simultaneously saw Bernie Sanders begin to openly attack and undermine President Obama’s legacy and accomplishments. The authors of this site were deeply disturbed when Sanders began parroting Karl Rove-inspired talking points in his attacks against both President Obama and Hillary Clinton. By early 2016, the authors of this site had enough and began a series of essays designed to thoroughly look at Bernie Sanders’ rhetoric and, more importantly, his record. At a time when Sanders had a free pass with the media, we felt we owed it to the American people to be truthful about Sanders’ record.

Here, you will find an archive of the work that The People’s View authors have compiled over the last 4 years. These articles are thoroughly sourced, using hundreds of links to reputable online sources. This information is all publicly available; we have no investigatory journalists nor access to inside information. Much of what the authors have written about has been public knowledge, especially in Sanders’ home state of Vermont. However, the mainstream media has time and time again chosen to ignore Sanders’ record in favor of creating a horse race in 2016 and keeping Sanders around for the “Democrats in Disarray” talking point since the 2016 election. The authors of this site have released this information today as once again, Bernie Sanders seems intent on working against the Democratic Party for his own personal gain in very much the same way he did in 2015.

We encourage everyone who cares about not only the Democratic Party but the country as a whole to share this article far and wide. Our media has not learned anything from 2016 but the more we, the people, have access to this information the more likely it is that Sanders’ candidacy fails to get off the ground. We cannot afford to have Bernie Sanders once again infiltrate the Democratic Party to inject his own personal vendetta as a way to undermine the party. It is through the sharing of information that we, as the voting public, can have the final say as to whether or not Bernie Sanders has a voice in the 2020 presidential election. Those of us that truly know Bernie Sanders, know that he is unfit to lead. It is only through a resounding loss in 2020 that he will finally hear this message.]


July 16 - Bernie Sanders’ Race Problem: Why People of Color Aren’t Feeling the “Bern”. By ignoring the reality of incremental social change, Bernie Sanders’ unrealistic revolution simply isn’t connecting with people of color.

July 17 - Bernie Sanders and the Minuteman Militia: “Progressive Hero” Voted to Protect Racist Vigilante Border Thugs. Despite banking on his progressive record, Bernie Sanders has a challenging past in dealing with race issues, including having voted in favor of a racist vigilante border group.

July 20 - Bernie Sanders and the Liberal Establishment’s Colossal Failure on Race. An in-depth look at Bernie Sanders’ disastrous reaction to #BlackLivesMatter protesters at Netroots Nation and how his response shows a lack of understanding of race issues facing people of color today.

July 23 - #BernieSoBlack: Sanders Cheerleaders Make Weak Case on Bernie and Race. A look at a recently-published article that attempts to paint Bernie Sanders as a champion on race and race relations.

August 17 - On Bernie Sanders and #BlackLivesMatter. An analysis of the challenges and struggles of Bernie Sanders to connect with people of color early in his presidential run.

October 14 - Impressions on the #DemDebate: Hillary Was Uncontested Leader, O’Malley Shined Second. Analysis of the first Democratic debate and the five Democratic candidates’ first impressions to America.

October 21 - Why Bernie’s Lackies Were Terrified of a Biden Candidacy. Bernie Sanders already has a narrow path to the nomination, a path that would be made even narrower had Joe Biden entered the race.

October 27 - Clinton’s Surge in Iowa is Real, No Matter What Sanders Apologists Tell You. Two recently-released polls in Iowa show Hillary Clinton with a 40+ point lead, something that has Bernie Sanders and his supporters refuse to believe.

October 28 - Sanders High Command Comes Apart. Bernie Sanders’ campaign manager, Jeff Weaver, offers disparaging remarks against Hillary Clinton after early polls show her with a significant lead in Iowa.


January 15 - Chelsea Clinton Was Right: Everyone’s Health Care is Threatened Under Bernie’s Plan. Should Bernie Sanders’ health care plan become law, it would undermine the ACA and would hang by a thread until the inevitable legal challenges.

January 18 - Bernie’s New Health Care “Plan” is a Mathematically Challenged Flat Tax Disaster. In proposing a health care plan, Bernie Sanders relies on fuzzy math that does not necessarily lower health care costs for those that need it.

January 19 - Berniecare is a Republican Wet Dream When It Comes to Women’s Health. Bernie Sander’s proposed health care plan would have devastating consequences for low-income women and women of color.

January 20 - Unfit to Lead: Why Bernie Sanders is Trashing Planned Parenthood and HRC. When Bernie Sanders’ ego causes his passed over endorsements to lead to vindictiveness, he becomes unfit to serve as the Democratic Party’s nominee.

January 30 - Berned Out: Why This Millennial Won’t Be Supporting Bernie Sanders in the Primary Election. A comprehensive critique of Bernie Sanders’ platform and how and why its vague promises do not inspire all millennial voters.

February 2 - Bernie’s Narrow Hack in 2016 is a Far Cry From Obama’s Broad Appeal in 2008. Breaking down the numbers in Iowa, it becomes clear that Bernie Sanders is currently unable to create the kind of diverse coalition that propelled Barack Obama to victory in 2016.

February 2 - Sore Loser: Why Whining About Iowa Caucuses Won’t Help Bernie Sanders. Questioning the results in Iowa won’t do either Bernie Sanders or the Democratic Party any favors ahead of the rest of the 2016 Democratic primaries and caucuses.

February 3 - Don’t Be Fooled: Incompetence is Masquerading as “Anti-Establishment” in 2016. A critical look at candidates like Bernie Sanders who claim to be “anti-establishment” despite themselves having been in government for nearly 30 years.

February 4 - In Defense of Moderates. A counter-argument to the mindset of Bernie Sanders supporters who insist on a mythical idea of perfect progressivism.

February 4 - The Gloves Are Off: An Open Letter to the #BernieBros on Behalf of Hillary Clinton. A strongly worded response to what is becoming more and more obvious misogynistic language by Bernie Sanders’ core supporters.

February 5 - #DontBernMeBro: Why Sanders is Parroting GOP Talking Points on Obama’s Jobs Record. A look at how and why Bernie Sanders is willing to use GOP talking points in order to try and smear President Barack Obama.

February 7 - Thank You, Bernie: How Painting Hillary Clinton as a Moderate Plays Into Her General Election Strategy. By trying to assert himself as the “gatekeeper of progressivism,” Bernie Sanders has unintentionally made a strong case for the electablity of Hillary Clinton.

February 8 - Bernie’s Super PAC Hypocrisy: Twice as Much Outside Money Spent Supporting Sanders as Promoting Clinton. Despite promising to refuse direct super PAC money, Bernie Sanders has been more than willing to indirectly accept their support at near-record levels in the early primary states.

February 10 - Super Liberal and “Whiter Than a Jar of Mayo”: Some Statistics on Bernie’s “Big Win” in New Hampshire. A breakdown of Bernie Sanders’ win and how the upcoming primaries in Nevada and South Carolina will be much better litmus tests for his candidacy.

February 11 - The Art of Selling the Impossible: The Candidacy of Bernie Sanders. A thorough look at Bernie Sanders’ background and whether or not his rhetoric matches his record.

February 12 - Bernie’s Halo Still Failing to Impress People of Color. A look and how and why the Congressional Black Caucus chose to endorse Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders.

February 12 - Noun, Verb and Wall Street: How Hillary Used Bernie’s Tunnel Vision Against Him. An analysis of how Hillary Clinton pegged Bernie Sanders as a one-note candidate at the Wisconsin debate.

February 13 - A Question on Bernie Sanders and Super PACs. Despite proudly proclaiming himself to be unwilling to form a super PAC, as a sitting senator Bernie Sanders has legally barriers against be able to do so, making his argument a moot point.

February 13 - #VettingBernie: How Wayne LaPierre and the NRA Helped Launch Bernie Sanders’ Political Career. An in-depth analysis of how Bernie Sanders was elected to Congress for the first time on the backs of documented support from the NRA.

February 15 - Doers and Dreamers: LBJ Versus Bernie Sanders. An analysis of two men and how each of them went about enacting their vision of America.

February 16 - Checking the Record: 5 Instances of Glaring Hypocrisy in Bernie Sanders’ Political Life. An analysis of 5 key issue areas where Bernie Sanders’ rhetorical does not match his record.

February 16 - In Black and White: Why Bernie’s Race Problem Persists. A look and how and why Bernie Sanders continues to identify with and earn the support of people of color.

February 17 - #VettingBernie: How Sanders Cleared Way to Dump Toxic Nuclear Waste on Poor Hispanics (and How They Fought Back). An in-depth look at how congressman Bernie Sanders engaged in environmental racism against the poor, Latino community of Sierra Blanca, Texas.

February 19 - Ratf*cking Has Consequences: A Note on the Nevada Caucuses. A look at the juvenile and tacky tactics openly being employed by Bernie Sanders ahead of the Nevada caucus.

February 19 - The Nordic Obsession: Bernie’s “Democratic Socialism” Has a White-Only Sign. A look at the disturbing trend of Bernie Sanders to advocate for policies in homogeneous cultures.

February 22 - The End is Nigh: How Nevada Showcased Bernie Sanders’ Crumbling Campaign. Crunching the numbers, a Nevada caucus loss for Bernie Sanders does not bode well as he gets into more and diverse states.

February 23 - Bernie’s Billionaires: The Ugly Truth About Sanders’ Unspoken Alliance With Wall Street. Despite championing himself as the enemy of Wall Street, Bernie Sanders is perfectly content to share some of the wealthiest conservatives’ arguments against Hillary Clinton.

February 24 - It’s All Been Done: How Barack Obama Already Achieved Bernie Sanders’ Revolution. A comprehensive look at how everything Bernie Sanders is promising has already been attempted, and in many cases achieved, by President Barack Obama.

February 25 - Trouncing Bernie 2:1 Among Hispanics, Hillary Begins to Lock Up the Obama Coalition. Being unable to win over people of color, Bernie Sanders faces a nearly insurmountable challenge against the coalition that twice successfully elected Barack Obama.

February 26 - Revolution or Evolution? The country faces a choice in 2016 as to whether we want to move steadily forward or whether we want to completely overhaul several systems in place that are already producing the desired results.

February 28 - Endgame: Why The South Carolina Curse Will Likely Doom Bernie Sanders. Bernie Sanders’ blowout loss in South Carolina shows a candidate who can’t connect with people of color, something that doesn’t bode well for Sanders moving forward.

March 1 - “But He Marched With King!”: A Critical Examination of Bernie Sanders’ Record With Civil Rights. Despite claims to the contrary, Bernie Sanders’ civil rights record is glaring absent from any truly meaningful accomplishments.

March 2 - Hey Senator Sanders, the Rationale for Your Campaign Just Died. What’s Next? Despite big crowds, Bernie Sanders is not winning the early primaries which lead to believe that he either has the wrong message or he himself is the wrong messenger.

March 4 - The Phony Revolutionary. Bernie Sanders’ Repeated Sellouts for Political Expediency. From guns to LGBT rights to the military-industrial complex to corporate donors, Bernie Sanders’ campaign rhetoric simply doesn’t match his record.

March 6 - Political Ponies and Mathematical Unicorns: Your $5000 Bernie Tax Won’t Get You Much. An analysis as to what, if anything, an average American would be able to afford with Bernie Sanders’ proposed tax plan.

March 7 - Bernie’s Blind Spot: Debate Answer on Race Perfectly Demonstrates Perils of Conflating Race With Class. With one damning debate responses, Bernie Sanders showed he is incapable of understanding the experience of Black Americans today.

March 9 - Tunnel Vision: How Bernie Sanders’ Worldview Makes Him Unfit to Lead. An analysis of Bernie Sanders pro-class views and how these views ignore issues related to gender, sex, and race.

March 10 - Bernie’s Billionaires, Take Two: Koch Brothers, the NRA, and a Glass House. Despite claiming Hillary Clinton is owned by wealthy donors, Bernie Sanders has been parroting talking points from none other than Charles and David Koch.

March 10 - Bromance With Fidel: Bernie’s Socialism Not So Democratic After All. At the Miami debate, Bernie Sanders not only admitted to supporting Fidel Castro’s policies, but he refused to disavow any of Castro’s actions against the Cuban people.

March 10 - Truth Be Told: An In-Depth Character Analysis of Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. Despite the media perception of Hillary Clinton being dishonest, she actually ranks as more truthful than Bernie Sanders, according to a Pulitzer Prize-winning publication.

March 12 - Donald Trump is Inciting Unchecked Anger. So is Bernie Sanders. A look at the grotesque similarities between both the supporters of Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders.

March 14 - Accounting Error: Bernie’s Growing Troubles with Illegal and Foreign Contributions. For the second time, Bernie Sanders’ campaign has been caught violating FEC law in relation to illegal and foreign campaign contributions.

March 15 - Bernie’s Better Half Pals Around With Racist Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Helps Promote Propaganda. A look at the confounding actions of Jane Sanders in meeting with “America’s Toughest Sheriff” ahead of the Arizona primary.

March 17 - “Hillary Won the Confederacy”: How Bernie’s Campaign is Subtly Fueling Racist Rhetoric of His Supporters. A look at how the not-so-subtle dog while of Bernie Sanders’ campaign overtly attempts to undermine the exact same people of color who make up the Democratic Party base.

March 17 - Truly Revolutionary: How Hillary Clinton is Running the Campaign Bernie Sanders Promised to Run. Bernie Sanders’ campaign is spending more money than Hillary Clinton’s and is losing, a testament to his own campaign’s views that money cannot buy the nomination.

March 18 - He’s Fleein’ The Interview! 3 Things Bernie Doesn’t Want You to Read Before #AZPrimary. A look at 3 contentious areas that Bernie Sanders refuses to be confront with ahead of the Arizona primary.

March 19 - Me First: How Bernie Sanders Voted Against Protecting Our Nation’s Children. An analysis of Bernie Sanders’ vote against the Amber Alert system and how this vote represents a disturbing trend among Sanders’ voting record.

March 21 - We Are NOT the Suicide Generation: Sanders Supporters Should Stop Smearing Millennials. Threatening not to vote because Bernie Sanders is not the nominee is a position held by a few privileged White millennials and not something consistent with the values of the entire generation.

March 22 - Attacking Bill Clinton Can’t Hide Bernie’s Pathetic History of Undermining Obama’s Legacy. Bernie Sanders once again shows himself to be willing to question Barack Obama’s legacy, something he has consistently done on the campaign trail.

March 23 - Even Bernie Knows He’s Losing: Sanders Stumbles onto Bargaining. After a massive Super Tuesday loss, Bernie Sanders is well behind the eight ball, with more challenging primaries ahead.

March 23 - Follow the Money: How Bernie Sanders’ Campaign is One Giant Con on the American People. A critical look at Bernie Sanders’ personal financial history as well as the multiple campaign finance violations his campaign has accrued.

March 24 - Wrong Place, Wrong Time: Why Bernie Sanders’ “Political Revolution” Has Never Been Realistic. A critique of Bernie Sanders’ plan to enact a revolution when turnout in early primary states has been far off record levels.

March 28 - The Revisionist History of the Financial Collapse: Bernie Sanders and the Pitchfork Left Cannot Have It Both Ways. Bernie Sanders continues to struggle to explain the financial collapse, especially as he voted against legislation that would have potentially averted the collapse in the first place.

March 29 - Hell Hath No Fury Like Maddow Scorned: Epic Smackdown Puts Bernie’s Personal Baghdad Bobs in Their Place. Rachel Maddow calls out the Sanders campaign for saying they didn’t attempt to compete in eight states by showing factual evidence of a strong commitment to time and resources in each of those states.

March 29 - NBC’s Fake Polling Notwithstanding, Hillary Clinton Maintains Big Lead Over Bernie Sanders. Aside from a single outlying poll, it becomes clear that Hillary Clinton has a significant lead over Bernie Sanders at this stage of the democratic primary.

March 29 - On revolutionary fantasies. A critical look at the historical conditions needed for a revolution and the often violent outcomes that revolutions have produced.

March 29 - A Strange Love or: How Bernie Sanders Learned to Stop Worrying and Embrace the Military-Industrial Complex. Despite running as the anti-war candidate, Bernie Sanders has a long voting record in favor of American military interventionism.

March 30 - He Has Nothing Else: Why Bernie Sanders Can’t Simply “Tone it Down” and Debate the Issues. An analysis of how Bernie Sanders’ aggressive personality is often a result of him avoiding topics he has little to no knowledge of in a debate setting.

April 1 - Fundamentally Broken: Why Bernie Sanders’ “Free” College Plan Fails to Make the Grade. A critical look at Bernie Sanders’ “free” college plan and how and why its implementation may never be possible.

April 1 - Sensitivity Training: Bernie’s Meltdown Over Hillary’s Truth Telling Exposes Nature of a Bully. A look at how Bernie Sanders’ recent outburst reveals the character of someone who isn’t used to being publicly challenged.

April 2 - We’ll Never Know: 20 Legitimate Questions the American Media Refuses to Ask Bernie Sanders. As the media continues to treat Bernie Sanders with kid gloves, there exists a growing body of serious concerns about the record and policies of the Vermont senator.

April 4 - A Fool’s Paradise: How Bernie Sanders’ Brand of Political Purity Was Never Realistic. By painting himself as the Anti-Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders refused to acknowledge his own voting record that is not as progressive as he claims.

April 4 - Chaos in Nevada: The Sanders Campaign Just Made the Most Effective Case for Superdelegates to Back Clinton. In an effort to rig the results of the Nevada caucus, Bernie Sanders actually demonstrated the need for superdelegates to represent the will of the people.

April 5 - Strike Three: Feds Catch Bernie With $10 Million in Mystery Campaign Donations. With over 600 FEC campaign violations and an unexplained, unaccounted for eight-figure donation, Bernie Sanders’ campaign is continuously struggling to adhere to campaign finance laws.

April 6 - It IS That Simple: Bernie Sanders is Clueless About Breaking Up Banks. Despite it being his go-to campaign issue, Bernie Sanders demonstrated no actual plan for breaking up the banks during his disastrous New York Daily News article.

April 6 - Thoroughly Unprepared: How Bernie Sanders Flunked the Test on His Own Signature Issues of Banks and Trade. An analysis of Bernie Sanders’ disastrous New York Daily News interview, specifically looking at how Sanders was unable to answer even basic questions about his core bread and butter issues.

April 6 - What If He Wins: Why Bernie Sanders Never Vetted His Own Campaign Platform. After his disastrous New York Daily News interview, questions are now being raised about what exactly Bernie Sanders hoped to accomplish with his campaign.

April 7 - If You Believe It Enough, It Becomes Real: Bernie Math and the Delusion of Revolution. An analysis of Bernie Sanders’ questionable math regarding voter turnout as shared in his New York Daily News interview.

April 7 - The Power of Framing: The Debate Over Qualifications is Bernie Sanders’ Gift to Hillary Clinton. In attempting to portray Hillary Clinton as unqualified, Bernie Sanders has actually helped shine a light on experiences that have helped make her into the candidate she is today.

April 11 - The Cult of Bernie: How Blind Adoration Has Masked One of America’s Most Deceitful Presidential Campaigns. A thorough and comprehensive analysis of all of the questionable and unethical acts that Bernie Sanders and his campaign committed during the 2016 presidential campaign.

April 12 - Breach of Trust: Why Bernie’s Foot-Dragging on Tax Returns Raises Serious Concerns. Analyzing how Bernie Sanders’ failure to release his tax returns is a slap in the face to an American public that deserves to trust its elected officials.

April 12 - Gun Shy: How the Washington Post Fumbled to Protect Bernie Sanders’ Outrageous Defense of Lax Gun Laws. A look at how The Washing Post failed to press Bernie Sanders’ views and his previous votes on gun control.

April 12 - Staying Relevant: Why Anti-Obama Progressives Have Jumped Aboard the Bernie Sanders Bandwagon. An analysis as to how a number of prominent progressives who didn’t see eye-to-eye with President Obama have found a home with Bernie Sanders.

April 13 - The Ideology of Arrogance: Why Bernie Sanders Can’t Stand Being Vetted. An analysis of how Bernie Sanders has responded to media outlets that actually challenge his record.

April 14 - Like Night and Day: Comparing Bernie Sanders’ Down-Ballot Fundraising to That of Hillary Clinton. A look at how each of the three candidates Bernie Sanders chose to fundraise for had close connections to the Vermont senator.

April 15 - Bernie Sanders #ReleaseTheReturns Countdown Clock. A reminder how Bernie Sanders broke his promise to release his full tax returns and instead only released a partial return for the 2014 year.

April 18 - Not So Boring: Behind Bernie’s Massive Mortgage Deduction. Bernie Sanders’ partial tax return shows a mortgage reduction of someone with much more disposable income that the senator has claimed to have throughout his campaign.

April 18 - On Heroes: Advice for Bernie Sanders Supporters in the Aftermath of the Democratic Primary. An encouraging word to Bernie Sanders supporters about how their candidate’s vision can still be implemented come November.

April 18 - Radioactive: Tax Returns Confirms Bernie Sanders Has Stake in Nuclear Waste Dumping. A close examination of Bernie Sanders’ limited tax return shows his wife still profiting from an act of environmental racism nearly 20 years ago.

April 20 - Blissful Ignorance: How Bernie Sanders Set Himself Up to Fail in New York - And in Policymaking. A look at how Bernie Sanders’ campaign in New York state closely mirrors his policy agenda and how and why both aren’t resonating with voters.

April 22 - On Democracy and Disenfranchisement: Sanders Camp Has the Wrong Fixation. How it is actually caucuses, not closed primaries, that actually disenfranchise large segments of the population.

April 24 - Who Wins When Poor People Vote? The Answer May Surprise Bernie Sanders. A factually-based rebuttal to Bernie Sanders’ argument that lower income individuals aren’t voting during the 2016 Democratic primaries.

April 25 - Do What You Want: An Open Letter to the Bernie or Bust Movement on Behalf of the Democratic Party. A plea to Bernie Sanders supporters to put the country first and vote for someone who is light years more progressive than Donald Trump.

April 28 - The Trouble With “Bernie-Style” Politics and the Grifting of the Internet Left. An analysis of how a number of faux progressives are trying to capitalize on and monetize the Bernie or Bust movement.

April 28 - Why I Have No Tolerance for the Idea Bernie Sanders Represents. A look at how Bernie Sanders’ outdated worldview makes it impossible to represent the future of the Democratic Party.

May 3 - Winners Don’t Whine: Why I am Ecstatic That Bernie Sanders Wants a Contested Convention. By showing a refusal to cede to Bernie Sanders’ unfounded demands, Hillary Clinton is in a stronger position to take on Donald Trump in the general election.

May 6 - A Conscience of Convenience. A plea to Bernie Sanders supporters to put their differences aside and unite for the good of the party.

May 18 - The Senator Has No Plan. A tongue-in-cheek parody of Bernie Sanders’ disastrous New York Daily News interview, based on Hans Christian Andersen’s “The Emperor Has No Clothes.”

May 19 - Too Easy: How Republicans Would Tear Apart an Unvetted Bernie Sanders in the General Election. A scathing look at Bernie Sanders’ history and 2016 campaign and how and why the media’s kid glove treatment of him would not apply should he go up against Donald Trump.

May 26 - Win-Win: How the Proposed Sanders-Trump Debate Only Serves to Benefit Hillary Clinton. A look at the proposed Sanders-Trump debate and how its self-serving nature can only benefit the campaign of Hillary Clinton.

June 20 - You say you want a revolution. A look at Bernie Sanders supporters and their juvenile plan to disrupt the Democratic National Convention.

June 28 - It’s not me, Bernie, it’s you. A look at the quixotic quest of Bernie Sanders to continue campaigning despite being mathematically eliminated from becoming the presidential nominee of the Democratic Party.

November 30 - In defense of identity politics: The soul of the Democratic Party will not sit down and shut up. A call against Bernie Sanders’ views that the Democratic Party should move away from the continued fight for civil rights.


February 27 - Willing Stooges: How the Far Left Has Openly Adopted Republican Anti-Government Sentiment. A look at how Bernie Sanders and his followers co-opted the term “Establishment” to demean and diminish the accomplishments of lifelong Democratic officeholders.

March 23 - Not Just Trump: How Bernie Sanders’ Campaign Also Had Deeply Embedded Russian Connections. An analysis of the close ties between Paul Manafort and Bernie Sanders’ campaign manager, Tad Devine.

April 20 - The strangeness of “progressivism”. The misguided efforts of Bernie Sanders to create a uniform, accepted definition of what it means to be a progressive.

April 24 - I’m a White, working-class millennial. Bernie Sanders does not speak for me. A firsthand account of how Bernie Sanders’ message does not resonate with those of us who don’t view class as the sole indicator of prosperity.

May 26 - Palin Comparison: How Bernie Sanders Continues to Stymie Democratic Candidates. A look at the myth of Bernie Sanders’ economic populism being a winning message after a blowout loss for his congressional candidate of choice in Montana.

July 14 - Timing is Key: How Bernie Sanders is Now Intrinsically Linked With Donald Trump, Jr. As the Trump Tower meeting takes center stage, a question during this exact same time as to how and why Bernie Sanders refused to concede the 2016 Democratic nomination to Hillary Clinton.

August 25 - Blood on His Hands: How Bernie Sanders Made Donald Trump President. An analysis of the impact of Bernie Sanders’ candidacy in relation to the election outcomes in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania.

September 18 - Sancho’s Sorrow: Why Political Realists are Overshadowed in the Age of Idealism. An argument in favor of positive, incremental change rather than chasing political windmills.

September 29 - Russian Ratf*cking: Why the Special Counsel Must Investigate Jill Stein and Bernie Sanders. A renewed call to look at all candidates who benefited from Russian interference in addition to Donald Trump.

October 4 - Stop Giving Bernie Sanders a Pass on Gun Control. With introduction being introduced to ban bump stocks, a look at Bernie Sanders’ checkered history on guns and gun control.

October 5 - Thank You, Massa Bernie: How Our Revolution’s Birmingham “Victory” Reeks of Racism and Sexism. A look at Our Revolution’s abysmal track record of endorsements and their taking credit for the victory of a former state director for Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

October 23 - Bernie’s Bots: How Fake Twitter Accounts Manipulate Public Perception. By doing a simple Twitter audit, we can see how the majority of Bernie Sanders’ Twitter followers are fake and how this creates the false myth of his popularity.

November 10 - The Problem With Berniebros Gloating over Trump. In the wake of the election results, how Bernie Sanders supporters’ embrace of Trump’s victory does nothing for the progressive movement.

November 20 - Good riddance to bad rubbish. A look at the futility of Bernie Sanders supporters who openly applaud defections from the party.

November 27 - Phantom Progressivism: Analyzing Bernie Sanders’ Lackluster Legislative Record. Dispelling the myth of Bernie Sanders being the most progressive member of the Senate by looking at his voting record on key progressive issues.

December 14 - Berbiebro Culture: Sanders Backer Says Women’s Clothing “Invitation” for Harassment. Analysis of Ohio Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur and her recent comments regarding women’s clothing.


February 8 - Devumi and Me: Bernie Sanders’ Unexplained Connection to a Shady Media Company. In the wake of a New York Times article, a look at the change in social media follows of Bernie Sanders on his Twitter feed.

March 5 - Paid by Putin: Bernie Sanders’ Ongoing Conspiracy Against the United States. A comprehensive timeline of Bernie Sanders’ campaign including his actions after the election that call into question his motives and his intentions.

May 23 - True Colors: Bernie Sanders, Our Revolution, and the Racist Left. In the wake of a damaging Political article, a closer look at the candidates Our Revolution has endorsed and what criteria the organization has in making these endorsements.

July 28 - Putin’s Proxies: How Our Revolution and Justice Democrats Are Attempting to Destroy the Democratic Party. A look at how Our Revolution is ignoring strong, progressive candidates for those whose sole qualification is support for Bernie Sanders.

November 9 - Color Bind: Bernie Sanders’ Intentional Ignorance When Facing Issues of Race. In the wake of Bernie Sanders’ tone deaf comments regarding Stacey Abrams and Andrew Gillum, a look at how and why he can’t distinguish race and class issues.

December 12 - The Pretenders: Bernie Cult’s Seething Contempt for the Working Class. A look at the need for Bernie Sanders’ supporters to take out his competition, starting with Beto O’Rourke.

December 18 - Enemies Within: How Russia Continues to Successfully Infiltrate the Far-Left. A firsthand account of the very real impact of Russia’s influence campaign using Bernie Sanders to undermine the Democratic Party.

December 31 - On Politics and Ponies: How the Far Left’s Petulance Stems From its Figureheads. A look at how groups like Our Revolution have becoming uncompromising in their political views and actions.


January 4 - No Accident: How Bernie Sanders Needed a Culture of Misogyny to Compete in 2016. In the wake of allegations of sexual misconduct during his campaign, a critical look at how Bernie Sanders both accepted and needed the culture surrounding BernieBros in 2016.

January 28 - The Unbearable Whiteness of Bernie. In the wake of yet another misstep with people of color, a thorough look at Bernie Sanders’ history and his intentional choices to focus solely on issues of the White working class.

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