Turning the Capital of the Confederacy a Deeper Shade of Blue: 2019 Virginia Legislative Races Landscape

Turning the Capital of the Confederacy a Deeper Shade of Blue: 2019 Virginia Legislative Races Landscape

Election info for Virginia voters:

  • Deadline to request absentee ballot: 5 pm on Tuesday, October 29.

  • Deadline to vote in-person absentee: Saturday, November 2.

  • Election day: Tuesday, November 5.

  • Photo ID is required to vote in Virginia. Here are the acceptable forms of ID and what to do if you do not have your ID when you show up to vote.

  • More info from VA Department of Elections.

It is more than a little ironic that the state that housed the former capital of the Confederate States of America is on the cusp of being ground zero for a major blow against the white supremacists that have taken over the Republican Party (or have been dormant the entire time). 

Virginia has changed a great deal in the last two decades. Once, it was a state that voted for President Bush in both the 2000 and 2004 elections. 

Those days are long gone. Today, both US Senators from Virginia are Democrats, and Democrats control all the statewide offices. This is in part thanks to a rapidly diversifying population, with more college-educated white people moving around Richmond, along with many people of Latinx heritage. Combined with the state’s large black population, this will help keep Virginia blue. As of today, the state has a Partisan Voting Index or PVI or D+1, or the state votes one point more Democratic than the country at large. 

Democrats have the upper hand in this race. This is because of the fact that not only has been Virginia been trending more and more blue, with Democrats cleaning up in 2017 and 2018, Democrats have a significant financial advantage. Having more cash than your opponent does not guarantee victory, but it does help a great deal. 

But the biggest development is the fact that thanks to a recent court ruling, Democrats no longer have to fight on a rigged map, and as a result, many Republicans who would otherwise be safe are now facing the possibility of losing their seats. In addition, Democrats have an enthusiasm advantage, meaning they are more excited to vote than Republicans. It is not Republicans that Trump’s approval ratings in the Commonwealth are underwater, and have been for quite some time. 

The issues that are motivating Virginia voters are diverse, but gun violence is a big one, along with education. 

Nevertheless, the confirmed blackface scandals of Governor Ralph Northam and Attorney General Mark Herring, plus accusations of sexual assault against Lieutenant Governor Justin Fairfax, have not helped matters for Democrats. But the frustration voters may have about the top three Democrats in the state appears to pale in comparison to the deep rage that many in Virginia feel towards Trump and the GOP.  In other words, Republicans will try to bring these scandals up to save their slim majorities in both the state assembly and senate, but so far the efforts appear to be failing. 

Despite all of this, Democrats are not guaranteed to win the race. The Republicans are pouring a lot of money into holding onto their slim majorities, and there is the possibility that the scandals that almost gave Republicans another trifecta will kneecap Democrats. Virginia Democrats must not get complacent, and neither must we. 

Fortunately, it does not appear that Virginia Democrats are asleep at the wheel. They are confident but still fighting tooth and nail. 

The Democratic candidates in Virginia still need help, and we must help them. 

Here are the links to the websites and ActBlue links to the Democrats who must win below. 

Stay alert, stay focused. 

Visit the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee Site for information on important state legislative races.

Virginia House of Delegates Races to watch:

House of Delegate District: 10

House of Delegate District: 27 

House of Delegate District: 28

House of Delegate District: 30 

House of Delegate District: 40

House of Delegate District: 62

House of Delegate District: 66

House of Delegate District: 68

House of Delegate District: 73

House of Delegate District: 76

House of Delegate District: 81

House of Delegate District: 83

House of Delegate District: 84

House of Delegate District: 85

House of Delegate District: 91

House of Delegate District: 94

House of Delegate District: 100

Virginia Senate Races to watch

Note: The races here are the ones that could flip either way based on past federal and statewide elections. 

Senate District: 7

Senate District: 8

Senate District: 10

Senate District: 12

Senate District: 13

Senate District: 17

Senate District: 21

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