Thursday night news dump

Thursday night news dump

I was going to write about NBC News’ story on Jared Kushner being denied security clearance by White House officials, only to be overruled. But as I looked at my phone, I received this headline from my Washington Post app: TRUMP ADMINISTRATION TO BEGIN SENDING ASYLUM SEEKERS BACK TO MEXICO.

From the lede:

U.S. officials at the southern border will begin sending some asylum applicants back to Mexico on Friday as the Trump administration implements new measures prohibiting migrants from waiting in the United States while their cases are processed.

The plan, announced by the Department of Homeland Security on Thursday night, follows high-level talks between the two governments late last year as U.S. border officials struggled to handle a surge of Central Americans fleeing violence and poverty. It will be introduced in California, at the San Ysidro port of entry south of San Diego, and eventually expanded throughout the nearly 2,000-mile border, a DHS official said earlier Thursday, speaking on the condition of anonymity because the plan had not yet been finalized.

According to the article, this new plan is a result of “delicate negotiations” between the Donald Trump regime and Mexico’s new leftist president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

This plan is fraught with problems, the major one being that it contravenes both US and international law on asylum-seekers. But even if it didn’t, there’s the problem of logistics: Mexico just doesn’t have the capacity to care for this number of migrants.

Tonatiuh Guillén, who heads Mexico’s immigration agency, said he had not received any communication from the United States about when implementation of the measures would begin.

“Part of the difficulty is that we have very few explicit definitions, and a very noisy environment, with many rumors, and we have not managed to refine what [the plan] entails,” he said Thursday afternoon.

Guillén said he was concerned about the measures and Mexico’s ability to accommodate migrants who could spend months or years in the country as their asylum claims are processed. His first concern, he said, was about the humanitarian situation.

“We don’t have the capacity” to absorb many migrants beyond their initial reception, he said. “It is a challenge of living conditions, of public services,” he added, saying that it was unclear to Mexico’s immigration agency whether the U.S. government planned to keep only a fraction of its asylum seekers in Mexico, or the many thousands who apply each year.

In essence, Trump is pawning off what isn’t a humanitarian crisis for the US onto Mexico, where it will become a humanitarian crisis, as US immigration judges deny asylum claims and the migrants stay in Mexico, because to go home would mean certain death.

Cruelty is this regime’s purpose. It claims that drug dealers and criminals use the asylum process to get into the country, offering no proof. It decides to exacerbate an already dire situation on the Mexican side of the border in order to play to its racist base. The vast majority of the asylum cases will be denied, because that is what the regime will demand of immigration courts, which aren’t like regular courts. The regime is going to create an actual humanitarian crisis south of the border with the connivance of Mexico’s new, supposedly leftist government because it wants to stem the browning of America. Honduras, El Salvador, and Nicaragua are war zones for gangs and criminals due in large part to American actions; this regime is washing its hands of the whole sordid mess by planting the seeds for another failed state by marooning asylum-seekers in Mexico. One cannot overstate the casual evil and malicious indifference in this new policy.

This is what Trump voters voted for, whether they knew it or not. Because of ideological bigotry, Mexico is about to be turned into America’s dumping ground for asylum-seekers from Central America. It will not turn out well, neither for Mexico nor the US. In ten years we may have an actual crisis on the southern border, one of our own making.

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