On "understanding the Trump voter"

On "understanding the Trump voter"

Ed Balls is a Tony Blair Labourite, and generally accepted as being a complete schnorrer and goshite on the other side of the Pond. Basically, everyone laughs at him, as he is quite ready to participate in self-deprecation.

I've been giving him a lot of stick on the Twitterz over his new BBC2 series, "Travels in Trumpland", which isn't even worth my time pirating after I watched the trailer.

Acting like nothing other than a low-rent version of an already low-rent Piers Morgan, Balls (so aptly named) has decided that he, too, will ride the "understanding the Trump voter" gravy train until those of us in the New World crush him and his cretinous followers.

This constant admonition that we who oppose Trump and his followers need to "understand" them, and not see them through our own biases, has grown tiresome.

Let's conduct a few thought experiments.

Does a Jew have to "understand" a Nazi?

Does a Cambodian have to "understand" a Khmer Rouge cadre?

Does a survivor of the gulag have to "understand" an NKVD guard?

Such things are laughable on the face of them. And likewise, understanding Trump voters is equally laughable.

The ones who show up in spittle-flecked rage at his Nuremberg rallies would quite happily see us off to concentration camps. They no longer believe in democracy. They haven't believed in it in quite a while. Democracy has allowed those they consider inferior and threats to their existence to flourish and attain a modicum of power. They have been yearning for someone to come along and smother this two century long experiment in self-government. This is not hyperbole; this is the evidence of anyone with eyes to see.

So, I "understand" Trump voters quite well. They are, quite simply, fascists. They are part of a movement in the West to upend democratic governance. They are a threat to everything which Western civilization has been building—slowly, laboriously—for centuries. They are not the protectors of the Western inheritance, but the Visigoths at the gates of Rome. Any program, or op-ed, or think piece which doesn't drive this point home is more than useless; it gives a false impression that this is just "politics as usual". This rise of populist nationalism does not wish to participate in politics as usual, but to obliterate that politics.

So, yes, Mr. Balls: I understand the Trump voter quite well. It's obvious that you don't.

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