Open thread—A good news break

Open thread—A good news break

It's so easy to follow the main news events of the day and throw up our hands in despair. I know I've been in this dark loop for a couple of weeks. It's hard to remember that life does go on, and that people are performing good works all the time all around the world.

I wrote a piece on Good News Network a while ago, and I think it's time to revisit the site and see what some of their stories are.

After miscarriages, couple starts throwing birthday party for homeless kids instead

Children from homeless families are already deprived of so many things that privileged families take for granted – like having birthday parties.

But one Los Angeles-based charity is ensuring that even homeless kids can enjoy the birthday celebrations that they deserve.

Worthy of Love is a nonprofit that throws massive rooftop birthday parties for kids living on Skid Row.

It was started by Mary Davis and her husband Ari Kadin as a means of emotionally recovering from two miscarriages.

World's toughest climate policy poised to be passed with widespread political support

The Netherlands is poised to pass a new piece of legislation that is being called the world’s most ambitious climate policy.

The Dutch Climate Law would require the country to reach a 49% reduction in green house gas emissions by 2030, followed by a 95% reduction by 2050. Not only that, the policy would require 100% of electricity to be carbon neutral by 2050.

The policy, which was initiated by GroenLinks, the Green party of the Dutch Parliament, would also turn the fourth Thursday of every October into “Climate Day”. For every Climate Day, parliament would be required to report the levels of greenhouse gas emission reductions and decide whether the data would require more ambitious updates to the climate policy.

The sight of legless girl walking with tin cans spurs good Samaritan doctor to make sure she walks tall

The tenacity and plight of an 8-year-old refugee girl from Syria caught the attention of the internet when she was photographed using tin cans as makeshift prosthetic legs. Now, thanks to social media, she has been given a leg up on her disability.

Maya Merhi has a rare congenital disorder that caused her to be born without legs. As a means of keeping her off of the hot dusty ground, her father – who has the same disorder – constructed prosthetics for his daughter out of tunafish cans and PVC pipe.

After her family was forced to flee their home in Alello, the contraptions allowed Maya to attend school and maneuver her refugee camp in northwestern Idlib without having to crawl on the ground from place-to-place, as she was previously accustomed to doing.

When the striking photos of Maya’s predicament started being shared on the internet, however, a Turkish prosthetics specialist named Dr. Mehmet Zeki Culcu reached out to the Turkish Red Crescent so he could fit Maya with proper prosthetics.

We hairless apes can do some amazing things. Don't forget that in the maelstrom of perfidy and perniciousness.

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