On #civility

On #civility

After Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders was refused service, politely, at a restaurant by an owner who was making a statement against the horrendous actions of the regime for which she speaks, and after she took to Twitter on her official government account to whinge about her treatment, there has been an apoplectic eruption of wails and gnashing of teeth over "the death of civility."

Let's cut to the chase, shall we?

The banshee screeches over "civility" are shorthand for "Liberals are being mean to us! They can't be mean to us! Only we can be mean to them."

The DC pundit class, handmaiden to conservative narratives, has joined in on condemning this gross rupture in comity. Kids being ripped from mothers? Muslims being banned en masse from our shores? Health coverage being denied to tens of millions as a matter of policy? Piffle. The propaganda minister for a fascist regime being "mistreated" is the true incivility.

"Civility" is a concept those of power and privilege use to cow those without that power and privilege into not speaking out about their oppression.

Kneel during the national anthem to protest police brutality? Uncivil.

Sit at a lunch counter to protest segregation? Uncivil.

March to end a war claiming tens of thousands of American lives (and millions of Vietnamese)? Uncivil.

The charge of incivility is always aimed at those who are working to upend the current power structure. It's always been thus.

But that splendid disinterest can no longer be afforded.

We are confronted with a regime which, if it could, would move to fascism. It is a regime which in its staffing and policies awows fascist priorities. It is a regime which doesn't believe in democracy, in pluralism, in the idea of a commonwealth. It is a regime structured around a narrow base of support, and works only for that base, to the detriment not only of the nation's other citizens, but to the entire liberal order which has underpinned world affairs since 1945, preventing a third world war and bringing prosperity to greater and greater portions of the globe. This regime is threatening not only its own nation, but the stability of the world.

And yet, a private citizen taking a stand is uncivil.

A congressperson calling for peaceful but vigorous protest against regime members is being uncivil.

It seems everything is uncivil except for the actual, gross incivility now roaming like a wounded elephant over the Republic.

"Civility" is not a one-way street. Civility assumes that civility obtains on all sides of an argument.

But that is not what we have now.

Our opponents now decrying our incivility have chanted "lock her up," have said "fuck your feelings," slavishly follow and ape every egregious vomit exuding from this regime. They don't see us as human. Eric Trump himself said Democrats aren't people. We're supposed to be "civil" to these creatures?

Neville Chamberlain was civil to Adolf Hitler at Munich. A year later, the world was at war.

And this is one instance where I will disagree with Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi in their chastising of Maxine Waters. No, I won't disown them. No, I won't stop supporting them. But, in this case, they're just wrong.

We are past anodyne notions of civility. These are not civil times.

As the Resistance, we have to do two things at the same time. Firstly, we need to grow our coalition to such a point that its electoral power is unassailable. And, secondly, we have to confront the evil which now stalks this country. We will, perforce, be called uncivil for speaking out uncomfortable truths. Because make no mistake: You can couch those truths in the most bland, pabulum words, and you will still be called uncivil, because the truth is uncivil. "Civility," as used by those of privilege, is just a word for "lie". It's a call to not upset comfortable lives. It's a call to allow them to enjoy the perks of privilege without having to confront the consequences of their actions. It's a call to be left to a peace they deny others.

Our definition of civility is not theirs. Our definition of civility is a concept whereby adults of differing views come together and hash out a solution to problems. Their idea of civility is where we keep our silence at their perfidy.

No. I will be the most uncivil motherfucker there is. I will not allow you to rest peacefully as you hurt others. I will prick your conscience. I will make you uncomfortable. I will rob all the joy from your life, just as you rob joy from others. I will use all my tools as a free citizen to remind you that you are not better than me, and that you will eventually face your time in the dock.

You want me to be "civil"? Then you first. I've never been your punching bag.

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