On moral injury

On moral injury

These times are insane.

We have a regime in power which, every day, inflicts moral injury upon the Commonwealth.

Its every action screams against the moral order as any decent person understands it.

What is this moral order?

Do no harm. Help the helpless. Uplift the downtrodden.

What we have now is a regime which seeks to inflict as much harm as it can. This is inarguable. We have the evidence of our eyes and ears and minds.

Attempting to repeal Obamacare is nothing but an act of injury, punishing those who didn't win the lottery of having a job with health benefits. (And even those in those jobs would suffer, as prices would skyrocket.)

Scott Pruit at the EPA works not to protect the environment, but to grease the skids for its easier exploitation and despoliation.

In international affairs we coddle dictators and upbraid allies.

And, of course, the crisis at the border is nothing but a self-wrought humanitarian calamity. There is no immigration crisis. It was manufactured by the regime as an excuse to scapegoat a class of people for purely political purposes. The cruelty evidenced in splitting families apart, in losing those children, is not a bug but a feature.

Now, remember, we are a country which decimated the indigenous population and enslaved an entire race. There is no innocence to be lost.

But, after the 1960s, we were at long last striving to live up to our stated ideals.

We stuttered, we stepped back at times, but the progress was visible.

And that's the problem. We thought everything had been solved, that oppression was at an end.

Certainly, those who voted for this regime thought that everything had been settled, and any complaints were just griping and attempts at getting "free stuff" at their expense.

As marginalized communities continued to insist that systemic discrimination had not in fact ended, regime voters grew more and more hardened to any evidence that they still enjoyed advantages others didn't. It was, at best, sour grapes. At worst, it was some dark conspiracy to replace them.

In this regime, they found a voice. They found someone who spoke to their fears and animus. They found someone who would take their side. And they didn't care about niceties. They wanted to return to the status quo ante bellum.

So this minority—because it is a minority—inflict untold moral injury on everyone else out of their fear. They are more than willing to cut off their noses if in doing so it will spite our faces.

No dominant group wants to face the darkness of its history. History is written by the winners. But the fact that we have so many different histories now makes them feel as if they're losing, as if their narrative is no longer the mainstream one. With so many narratives, theirs is just one among many, and not the favored one.

After this regime, the moral injury will continue. It will be raw, a suppurating wound. A nation of neighbors will be one of suspicious tribes. Such a country cannot long survive.

This Republic has long averted its eyes at the truth of its own history. Its darkness has been brushed under the carpet. A country which does not face its own history is doomed to failure. As the country becomes more and more diverse, it must confront this history. The only path towards healing and progressing lies in a cold, hard look at the truth.

I have no blueprint for how this happens. I'm just one man. This is a task for the entire community. But I know this is the only path forward. The scab must be ripped off in order to heal.

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