The emperor has no clothes

The emperor has no clothes

The story of The Emperor's New Clothes is short tale about two weavers who promise the Emperor a suit of clothes that they say is invisible to stupid, unfit and incompetent people. In reality the weavers have made no clothes and when the Emperor goes out in public the townspeople are too frightened to speak up for fear that they will be seen as stupid but a child in the crowd speaks up and states that the Emperor is naked.

Like the townspeople the media out of the fear of not appearing to be fair and balanced have for a long time acted as if they believed the Emperor has clothes. They have been engaged in a nonstop discussion about the various articles of clothing that they have appeared to believe the the Emperor or in the case of our country Donald Trump is wearing.

There also are groups of people who are acting even more extreme than the townspeople in the story. They appear to actually believe that the Emperor or Trump has clothes and that those clothes are impeccable and that they in fact have never seen such remarkable clothing. In order to be able to convince themselves that something so blatantly false is true they must be feeling really desperate. I see that as being the case.

They are desperate because somewhere inside themselves they know they are losing the power to dominate everybody and everything. And not only deep inside of them are they sensing their loss of dominance but they are also beginning to sense that not only is their hold on dominance dying but the belief in dominance as a way of structuring a society is also dying. They are living in fear of the death of a belief in which they have been fully invested.

Because of this they are in a last ditch attempt to structure the society in such a way that beliefs are hierarchical to actual existing facts. They are and have been attempting to structure our society and the laws of our society based on their beliefs and at the core of their belief system is that they and only they have the right to dominance.

The belief in the existence of a tree is different than the actual solidness of a real tree. There may or may not be anything wrong with having beliefs but if your house is on fire believing it isn’t won’t save you.

Recently there have been retired intelligence and military personnel who have been out talking about how important it is at this time to be able to discern the difference between a factual world and a world that is based on a persons beliefs. They can see what is at stake.

Trump like the Emperor is stark naked. He is empty and hollow. He is devoid of any positive value. In order to see him differently than that it becomes necessary to be completely divorced from reality and to move into a make believe world. But like the imaginary tree it can’t grow anything because it doesn't really exist. No matter how much noise Trump makes he is still a low class con man. He has nothing of value to offer. Pretending he does changes nothing.

Because the Emperor is naked over the passing of time it becomes more and more absurd to continue to believe that the Emperor has on a stitch of clothing. Things that are not solid real or true are unable to endure because they are not solid real or true. An imaginary tree is not a real tree.

There are those who are fully wedded to the belief that the Emperor is beautifully clothed. But the Emperor has no clothes. Trump is really stark naked. The belief in him having clothes doesn’t change that. The people who believe he is clothed are fixed in an illusion and since that illusion is imaginary it is doomed to fail. The media is even beginning to be clear about this and the continued failings of Trump will serve to get even more people off the fence as they become clear that he is hollow.

Although in a certain respect the collapse of this illusion will happen by the weight of this being an illusion if we want to insure it's demise we all need to play a part. Everyone has something unique to offer that is harmonious to each unique individual. Everyone has profound value and when each person brings the value of their uniqueness to the service of the whole the power of goodness that is inherited in the richness of our diversity will be an unstoppable force. We will be working in harmony with our true nature.

Both Trump and the Emperor have no clothes. We are watching the collapse of an illusion. Those of good will are going to have to pick up the pieces and work together to structure a new society based on the real needs of real people. It is fine to have beliefs but those beliefs need to be of service to the oneness of humanity and not to the dominance of the other. The time for change has come.

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