Weekend self-care open thread—The blues

Weekend self-care open thread—The blues

I have many things to thank Oldest Brother of LL for.

My dad was not a young man when he had me. (He was 58. I know.)

That wouldn't have been a big deal. But, just after I celebrated my first birthday, he had a massive heart attack and stroke.

Now, I honor my dad. He taught me much about what it was to be a good, decent human being.

But Oldest Brother of LL took over the other stuff. How to play sports. How to watch TV. And what music to listen to.

You wouldn't think an immigrant from Cuba would know much about the blues. But Cuban music is African music, and the two musics spoke in him.

I can't say that I grokked jazz and the blues right away. It took a lot of maturation on my part to appreciate them

But he laid the foundations for me to reach that appreciation.

And what you have to understand about the blues is this: It's not sad music. It's music made in the face of sadness, as a rebuke to what oppression is wished on us.

Now that we're facing a test not faced by this nation since the Civil War, it's more than appropriate that this weekend's self-care open thread will feature the blues.

The selections I'm choosing are mine. There are thousands. Post yours.

The blues is not a call to weep. It's a call to raise your fist and howl. I howl.

As always, care for yourselves, and those around you.

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