A call to patriots

A call to patriots

I remember a conversation I had with Boss of LL a few days after the 2016 elections.

Boss: "God, what happened??"

Me: "I don't know, but fuck this shit, we have to secede."

I will more than readily admit that cutting California off from the insanity which had gripped a good chunk of the nation was my overriding concern. I wrote about it on this blog, we discussed it on this blog, more than a few friends voiced the same opinion.

I'm not going to say that I don't still harbor that thought in the back of my mind in case things get too hairy. The Union is not a suicide pact.

But to those stuck in the reddest of red states: I'm here for you.

I'm not going to give up on this crazy, improbable experiment called the United States.

Consider this: the right wing rag The Federalist had an article arguing for a divorce between red and blue states.

That's right. A magazine named after the party which advocated for a strong, united federal republic—the party to which George Washington belonged—is advocating for a dissolution of our bonds.

This indicates nothing more than the fact that our opponents know they're on the losing side of history. That sooner rather than later, our economic might and demographic change will swamp them. That they have no future. So their only hope is to create their own republic on which they can impose their medieval world view.

I'm not willing to sacrifice Louisville. I'm not willing to sacrifice Nashville. I'm not willing to sacrifice Miami. I'm not willing to sacrifice Atlanta. Those are bright blue in a sea of red. Why should they be sundered from California, from Washington, from New York, because their rural neighbors are blinkered with hate and animus? Do they not deserve the protection that those of us in the powerful states can accord them?

And, as hard as it is for me to carry this out in practice, I'm not even willing to sacrifice the deplorables. They' been snookered. They've been duped. They've been hornswaggled. They've been hoodwinked. And by this I don't mean that, like Bernie Sanders, I'm willing to jettison Democratic Party principles to "speak to them". I mean that I will give them hard truths, that they've drunk from a poisoned chalice and have soiled their own nests. But, that there's a way out, a path to redemption.

This is a call out to patriots in the blue states: don't be soothed by the siren song of secession. It might well happen; but it shouldn't be the base from which we operate. We should instead strive to perfect this Union, to preserve it, to bring its blessings to everyone. If we take our humanism seriously, then it needs to extend to everyone, even those we deplore. I'm of the opinion that most are reachable. Those who aren't can stew in their own pathologies. The rest of us will move on, and by so doing make things better even for them.

This is a time for a new renaissance in patriotism. Not a jingoistic patriotism, but one of humanity and commonality. That's where I'm planting my flag.

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